Tuesday, September 13, 2011


this guy is 6 days away from being 9 months

He went to story time today at the library and clapped along to almost every song.

 This guys little tummy seems like its getting bigger by the day. ;)

This is guy tried goat cheese for the first time yesterday and did not like it one bit.  

This guy got his foot stuck in the grocery shopping cart today and screamed until me, the cashier and and another lady behind me got it out. 

This guy is no longer scared in elevators but is certainly a little skeptical of them. 

this guy pulled the door stop out of the wall the other day.

This guy nods his head yes whenever you ask him a question. 

this guy is softening my heart with every smile, every sloppy wide mouth kiss, and every head lay on my shoulder....

this guy took his first bath in the bath tub this week and absolutely loved it. no more sink baths.

this guy is teaching me to lean more & more on jesus with every cry, every bump & fall.

this year is going by so fast...

he's getting bigger, smarter and more independent every day...

but for real the shopping cart incident today... made me a total wreck for the moment. seriously was thinking the fire department was going to be called in order to get his foot out. 

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