Friday, September 9, 2011

Pinterest Friday {drawers}

So I have this random antique looking drawer that is Hudson's room. Right now its filled with stuffed animals and books mostly. I originally got it to be a photo prop for his newborn pics and then to eventually sit on his dresser, however it was a little bigger than I was thinking and the dresser was a little it has ended up on the ground. As shown below:

but i dont really like it on the ground now that hudson is crawling and getting into everything. As you can see its got old paint chips on it so i sort of prefer him not to eat paint chips. As any sane and normal mom would prefer. So I've been trying to think of ideas on what to do it with, and obviously i turned to pinterest for a little inspiration. So todays images are all about drawers. =) enjoy!

 i love the book case made of dresser drawers! And how bout the dresser with the missing drawer?! I like the idea of using wall paper, or modge podge scrapebook paper on the drawers as well, super cute & super cheap! As far as hudson's drawer, I may end up using it for storage under his crib for extra blankets, crib sheets, and other swaddlers.  Can you think of any other suggestions?!

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