Monday, September 19, 2011


today hudson has his 9 month check up, i'm a little nervous about it. Mainly because last night i actually wrote down all my questions for the pediatrician instead of just "trying to remember them" like i normally do. never turns out good. but i have a total of 7 think the ped is going to be like "oh know, its that mom." i m also nervous about what she will say about his size, mainly with weight. he is pretty little, but i definitely think he recently had a growth spurt...he is starting to get a little taller or so it seems. nana & pops brought over a push toy for him and whattya know he knew exactly what to do with it. he's been walking around with it like crazy, until he runs into a wall and has no where to go. this weekend we are traveling to missouri to visit with danny's sister & her sweet family! we are so excited to see them and pretty pumped about experiencing fall...i hear a pumpkin patch visit is in the plans! =) i still cannot figure out where i want to have hudson's first birthday party. so if you have any ideas then that would be great. I have 2 locations already in mind but still not 100% sold on them. church was awesome yesterday, as always. we just adore the nursery workers too, who swoon over hudson every sunday. we go to a church with like over 6,000 visitors each sunday and they knew that hudson wasn't there last week (we were out of town), isn't that sweet? we went to a 1 year old birthday party this week and couldnt help but notice how hudson wasn't really in all the mix with the all the other kids, he just sat next to mommy & daddy and watched...taking it all in smiling & clapping. just like his daddy. murphy stole a piece of chicken off a dannys plate last night, it was kinda of funny. he never does stuff like that but i guess he was hungry which makes sense being i have to put his food up on the counter so hudson doesnt get it, i sometimes forget to bring it back down. hudson has finally started to waive bye bye, thought it takes a lot of encouraging and about 17 hands waving at him.  i need some boots for this fall, especially for out st. louis trip. but boots are so expensive. danny & i are starting to run together tonight, should be interesting. i'm in charge of murphy while he pushes the jogging stroller. well my computer battery is running low and i'm too lazy to go plug it in right now, so the rambling will have to come to an end. but i promise...theres a lot more where that came from.

9 month post & pics coming soon! wow 9 months?! this is really happening.

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