Wednesday, September 21, 2011

she works hard for the money

when danny & i decided that i would quit working and stay at home with hudson I had mixed emotions, i'm sure danny did too. Though i was beyond thrilled to be able to be the one to feed him every three hours, change every diaper, see every mile stone, tweet thousands upon thousands of pictures of him on an hourly basis... I was also a little weary of putting my goal of becoming a counselor on hold. I was also, selfishly, a little weary of letting go of two salary based incomes. We definitely have had to rely on the Lord when it comes to our finances, and without a doubt he always provided. 

once my maternity leave ended, danny & i would always be on the look out for little part time jobs; delivering newspapers, photo shoots, mowing yards etc. We cut back on a lot, only eating out once or twice a week, no cable, buying in groceries in bulk, shopping at garage sales & resale stores, cloth diaper etc. But all in all, I still felt like I needed to tribute with actual hard cold cash, and thats exactly what i've been trying to do. I can only hope my husband appreciates my efforts =) Point being,  I thought i would take some time to blog about my latest money making tactics. My mom always jokes with me and says "for someone who doesnt work, you sure do have a lot of jobs!" and she's kinda of right. 

As most of you know, a lady i previously worked with asked me to keep her, at the time, 6 week old, 4 days a week... after some discussion with the hubby, i was once again a working woman, sort of ;) Though some days are harder than others, and some days i wish it was just me & hudson, in the long run its a pretty good gig! Its giving me experience on what life with 2 will be like and giving hudson a little social interaction as well. 

my second job is so random and even sounded a little sketchy at first. like i said earlier, danny & i would always look on craigs list & monster for part time jobs to just make some extra cash here & there. Well, one day when browsing around on craigs list there was a job that was listed to basically make money while you shop. you know i jumped on that. Turns out, its a company that is designing a shoppers app for the iphone and needs "shoppers" to do the research & testing before it is released to the public. My job is to take pictures of items that are on sale and post it to the App, it will then allow others to see that item so people can look up sale items in their community! Pretty cool huh? yup i thought so too! I get to give feed back on that app and what i feel like should be  changed or what would make it better too!

my third job is very new and i havent officially started. a friend of ours works for a company that sales office supplies to other companies. He is offering me to do some selling from home...just a couple of hours a day, maybe some phone calls, but mostly emailing... and...heres the cool part...100% commission. now, i've never sold anything, so i'm not too sure how well my persuasive skills are...but its worth the try right? So if you work for a company and need office supplies, just ask me, i'm almost certain we can beat the price of whatever your paying now ( i think;) hehe! You wanna a buy clip board already huh?

And finally, yes theres more, my photography! no, i'm not a professional & i honestly havent put very much into it as i should... but it is a very fun hobby that has turned into some green each month! I love love love it, but its a very expensive hobby to have if you really want to pursue it!

well, there you have it...i guess my mom's right...for someone who doesnt work, i sure do have a lot of jobs. so i stay pretty busy around here, between, feeding two babies, blogging, photoshopping, diaper changing, emailing, phone calling, laundry, baby food making, grocery shopping, story times, play dates, dog walking and having "school" with the 10'o clock at night, i'm worn out. which is precisely why im going to bed now! 

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