Thursday, October 13, 2011

Granola Thursday {flu prevention}

So I know i'm way behind on my blogging. I feel like i'm behind on everything lately. But one thing I am up to date on is protecting our little family from getting sick with flu season around the corner. Or is it already here? When exactly is flu season? I dont know and I dont want to google it. But what I do know is people do seem to get sick more in the winter even though it has nothing to do with cold weather. In a sense. The cold temps are not what makes us sick, its the more we stay indoors that gets us checked in at the doctors office.

So what are we doing in hopes of not getting the flu? The same thing we did last flu season! Here is our prescription for prevention (notice i said prevention):

1)Vitamin D: is loaded with benefits for your body! Really look up Vitamin D and you will quickly learn all the amazing things it does for you.  yes, we do get some vitamin D from the sun but unless your a Roofer your probably not getting enough. Vitamin D helps the immune system fight off infections. You can get in a pill  or for Hudson, he takes a liquid version (5 drops which is 2000 IU's). During the year I give it to him about twice a week, now I give it to him daily. Click here for an article about all the amazing-ness of Vitamin D. 

2)Elderberry: is a berry that is used as a remedy for flu prevention. It prevents the flu virus from attaching to our cells therefore shortening the length of the flu & the severity. This comes in a pill or liquid version as well. Hudson gets 1/4 of tsp every other day. You can mix it in water, which is a great way around giving your kids juice (another day, another blog). 

3) Probiotic: okay so i know you all have heard of antibiotics, one reason it is so common is because an antibiotic is pretty much a band aide fix, so you get them over & over again. It never really gets to the root of the problem it just helps the symptoms of the problem. Which is why if you've had one've probably had a million, if that is you get an antibiotic every time you have one. What some people dont realize is that antibiotics not only kill the bad stuff in your system it kills the good too. So if your not taking a probiotic your not strengthening your immune system. Probiotics produce important nutrients, eliminate toxins, destroys "bad" bacteria and builds your immune system. Did you know that there is actually no way to have a healthy functioning immune system if your digestive tract is all out of wack?! Probiotics are the good bacteria that helps regulate & support your digestive system. Hudson gets a powdered childrens probiotic in either his milk or oatmeal everyday 1/4tsp. I take a pill form daily. 

I could probably go on & on about each of these remedies, but both boys are down napping & so that means I need to shower. If you wondering where to get any of these products you can give them online, or even places like Sprouts, Whole Foods etc. I personally love Sprouts!

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