Wednesday, November 2, 2011

long time no write

oh hey... forgot i had a blog there for a while. i have tons and i mean tons of catching up to do. And I have little time to catch up due to all the changes that are going in our lives right now! Good changes, so no worries! I seriously havent even had much time for Pinterest lately! And if you dont know what Pinterest is your seriously out of the loop of life.

Right now, like right this second I'm taking a break from preparing for our garage sale that we are having this Saturday, by watching episodes of Greys Anatomy from season 7. Thank you NetFlix! So yes we are having a garage sale this Saturday, which is clearly my husbands idea since i personally think alley garage sales are always a bust. But im being the supportive wife and if selling my Pier One pillow covers for $.50 cents a piece & my pottery barn lamp shades for $3.00 helps pay for Christmas this year then so be it! 

We booked Hudson's birthday party location the other day! And i'm really excited about it, as long as the weather cooperates! I really wanted to do a Bow Tie theme party but i dont think thats going to happen, which isn't too disappointed, bc who am i kidding? I'm really not a "theme" person. i mean have you seen his nursery?! It will be somewhat outdoors but there will heaters & a fire place. I'm wondering if I'll need to put "bundle up" on the invites? Speaking of, I'm going to attempt to make my own invites. I think figuring out how & what to print them on is going to be the tricky part. 

Well, I just wanted to give my blog a little love before I start unloading hundreds of pictures on it. Seriously its going to look like my Canon D50 threw up on it, along with my point & shoot, and iphone instagram snaps. 

on a side note: i'm watching the greys anatomy episode where its basically a musical the whole show? did anyone see this? I remember seeing a lot of people complaining about it on facebook but personally i'm really liking it. Mainly because they are covering a lot of "The Fray" and if you know me at all... i absolutely love The Fray. Regardless if they havent had a hit since 06. 

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  1. hey try for the invites! you can do w/ or w/o pics, they are a really good price and you start with a blank one and fully customize it!