Tuesday, November 22, 2011

11 months

I'm about to head out the door to go to the grocery store in order to prepare for thanksgiving! sooo exciting!  But before i go, i thought i would post hudson's 11 month photos! These were technically suppose to be last month photos (for halloween) but i never got around to doing it but it worked out well for his 11 month ones! =) I have a feeling the Ruth family is really going to enjoy these ;) Oh and by the way, Hudson was "Babe(y) Ruth" for halloween.

at 11 months hudson is pretty much doing all the same things he was doing last month! But some new things include:
-finally wearing 12 month old clothes (sort of haha)
-will let go and stand alone for very short periods of time
-will say "du" for duck
-i feel like he understands everything!!
-goes and stands by hair chair when he's hungry
-loves "helping" mommy type, do the dishes and laundry. All of which sometimes ends up being double work for mommy. ha
-is well aware that crying could possibly mean he is going to get whatever it is he's crying about

weighs: 19.5 lbs length: 27 in

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