Wednesday, November 23, 2011


After finding out we were pregnant, we knew right away we would need to make changes in our pocket book... even more than what we already had. And since were still waiting to know if were going to be moving to Austin or not based on Danny's job, we came up with the decision to move in with danny's parents for awhile. Our goal is to save up for a couple or so months and buy a house!! and hopefully we will know by then if we will be in Dallas or Austin. Moving in with Danny's parents really is the most logical out of all the places/people we could of possibly moved in with. They for one have the most space/rooms, it is sort of in accordance to danny's job (at least the closest out of all the other locations), and is already 100% baby proof (times 7;). I hardly need to bring anything for Hudson bc they already have everything, cribs, high chairs, bibs, toys, goats milk, etc. So after discussing with them it soon became official and as of today...the moving begins.

I've somewhat been in denial about the move. My heart is a little heavy, my eyes getting a little more misty by each box packed, and my head wandering like crazy. Will hudson sleep okay? Will he stay on his schedule? Will my schedule stay the same? Will danny & I only be alone when we sleep? How will meals be(we all know i'm the world's pickiest eater, even more so when pregnant)? Will we still see our friends? Will we be able to find a house in 3 months and get moved in before baby # 2 comes?! Will I have time to decorate a nursery & "nest?" Will we still have net flix? Will we even need net flix?

 I told you "crazy!" All these things are so pointless that keep wondering in my head and i know all these things will work themselves out, but for someone who is constant "thinker" i cant stop thinking about all the "little" things. But I think its because I know little things can become big things.

I hadn't packed one thing of Hudson's until this morning, until just now, which is why I had to stop & blog before i completely lost it. Packing up all the letters from his alphabet wall, that I worked on the whole 9 months I was pregnant with him, really started to sadden me, really started to settle in that were not going to be in our home anymore. I didn't even rock Hudson last night before putting him to bed, and I'm sitting here totally regretting it, bc now i dont even remember the last time i rocked him to sleep, in his rocking chair, listening to his sound machine, shushing and patting him. His first house, his first nursery, the place we brought him home from the hospital, we all be in a box in a storage building somewhere. I know people move all the time, but it really isn't something I'm accustomed to. I lived in 2 houses up until I went to college. We weren't nomads to say the least. My parents found us a home and we stayed there, home was always home & I liked it that way.

So moving, packing and settling in some place different is challenging for me, but i know for a fact that it will be great for us in the end & i'm excited to see what the Lord has in store for us. Hudson is doing surprisingly well, I thought & was even told, that with him seeing all the boxes & what not could cause him to get a little anxious, but I haven't noticed anything different in his behavior. The same with Murphy, no weirdness going on with him either. I guess I'm the only one who is acting a little coo-koo, can we blame it on the pregnancy hormones?! =)

Wow, all tears dried. blogging really is great therapy.

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  1. made me teary eyed. all of us mammas can relate:) love you amber!