Friday, November 11, 2011

its official

i guess i should announce on my blog that yes, we the ruth family of 3, will be a ruth family of 4 by June! June 8th to be exact. Which would be perfect since Hudson's birthday is December 18th. Do you see how that would be easy to remember? Half December (12) and you get June(6) and well, both would have the numbers 8 in the date...anyway.

i've really been dying to announce my pregnancy for well...about 6 weeks now. some of you might not know this about me, but i'm a little weird when it comes to my body. my last doctor use the words "really in sync" with my body. in other words, i'm a freak of nature. Once again, as with hudson, i knew i was pregnant before i knew i was pregnant. does that make sense? Meaning i knew i was pregnant before the positive pregnancy test, before the missed period, before the vomiting, before the cravings for chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream & cheeseburgers (more on that later), before the mood swings...i just knew. I knew so quick, that the morning after our "romantic night" (sorry dad) i texted my friend kelly and said something along the lines "well i'm probably preggo." And about a week or so later, i decided to take a test. I had an extra one under the sink, my period wasn't due for another few days so i figured the test wouldn't even really work, but that positive pregnancy test was as clear as ever. I was shocked but not. If that makes sense. I think I even said out loud, "are you serious? again?!"

i had a lot of mixed emotions when i saw that test and weeks later. there were many tears, smiles, prayers and fears. being pregnant & actually having a very much still real & fresh in my mind. I didnt have the easiest pregnancy with hudson, throwing up everything I put in my mouth until about 24 weeks along. I only gained 19 pounds, while still managing to grow a 7 pound baby. I was hospitalized twice, once for dehydration and once for either a kidney stone or bladder infection (never really knew the problem). I was back in the hospital a week after hudson was born due to my episiotomy not healing correctly causing me pain that was literally unbearable. I pretty much needed the entire 6 weeks to actually heal & even had to go to "womens physical therapy" trust me you dont want to know. So, my point being...being pregnant wasn't something Danny & I had planned, it definitely wasn't something I was wanting to go through anytime soon again and sadly all for selfish reasons.

But on a lighter note, i look at that little boy, whose napping so peacefully in his crib right now, who brings more smiles to my face than i ever could of imagine and I seriously would do it 100 times again if thats the reward. Loving him, protecting him, teaching him, guiding him... has being the greatest task the Lord has ever given me and I'm so blessed & grateful that He is trusting me & danny to do this all again.

more to come on how im feeling, dr. appointments, how far along i am, how far apart the kiddos will be and the big "move" =)

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