Thursday, November 10, 2011

missouri trip part 2

while in missouri we visited the St. Louis Zoo! Danny & I love going to zoo's! I've always thought it would be cool to be able to visit every zoo in America! The really cool thing about this zoo is its FREE! Which made this the perfect family activity! The girls, Ately & Avery were at preschool so they werent able to come but it was fun having all the boys together! 

haha isn't champs hat the cutest?!

 he really did love the slide!

 my favorites!

i'm really trying to teach hudson to smile without putting his hands in his mouth =)

 what handsome boys right?!

 haha again the cuteness of the hat! love it!
 this might be the best picture i got of him the whole trip! he's a cutie for sure!

 showing hudson where his milk comes from ;)

 I cant believe I'm even posting this on my blog, considering i'm terribly afraid of penguins, but they were so close to us! 

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