Thursday, November 17, 2011

power blog. (like power nap)

I was just in the middle of blowing drying my hair, when bam it hit me, "i want to blog, i need to blog, i should blog." For the past couple of months my blog has been slacking due to the newest addition growing in my tummy. you see, i'm not a good pregnant person at all. i ache, i whine, i throw up (a lot), i cry, i complain and i'm exhausted. i told this to my husband the other night, "i'm just not good at being pregnant." and in my hopes of getting some your the greatest mom ever & doing so good, his response was "i know." So its true, pregnancy is not my strongest attribute but that doesnt mean i'm not totally excited about this little bean making its arrival in june! And despite my low pain tolerance, i might even be crazy enough to do it all again in a couple few years.

So this past weekend, Hudson took me on a date to North Park mall for some Christmas shopping. we had the greatest time, despite the fact that i threw up 6 times, twice in his wet bag. we had lunch at Corner bakery, looked at the christmas decorations and did a lot of window shopping. At one point, i was in desperate need of finding a bathroom, to of course up chuck the corner bakery, and the department store i was closest too was Neiman Marcus. Now, we by no means shop in Neiman Marcus, in fact i dont even know if i'm spelling it right because right at this moment spell check has it underlined in red. So confident and casual and with my best "maybe she'll think i'm famous" i went in and asked the first sales lady where the nearest restrooms were. She proceeded to say "oh go right past the Fendi shoes & take a left. Was she serious? Fendi shoes? how am i suppose to know where the Fendi shoes are. I'm wearing Converses lady. but luckily we did find the Fendi shoes and the bathroom.

I'm really ready to christmas shop for Hudson, but honestly, in all cheapness, I think its a total waste to buy him brand new things that in less than a year could possibly be in our garage sale going for $1. I've really been searching on craigs list, ebay, amazon, and resale stores for the specific items i am wanting to get him. Its really amazing the deals you can find! Almost all the toys we have right now are hammy downs or second hand, and they are all in such good condition!

I'm getting really excited about Thanksgiving and I cant believe its only a week away! We have 3 Thanksgivings to go to all on Thursday, you would think someone could do it on Saturday, but no...thats never happened and i dont think it ever will happen. Thanksgiving is Thursday, the Macy's day parade is Thursday, the Cowboys play on Thursday... the turkey will be cut on Thursday. at least we are pretty much set for all three meals that day! My favorite dish is mac n cheese, I know nothing fancy or new but i love it! Also love the rolls & mashed potatoes! I pretty much wont eat anything else unless i'm just being polite and have too. The desserts are obviously a favorite, and you better believe if i'm feeling the love for food that day, there will be no holding back at that dessert table.

well, tomorrow i'll be 11 weeks pregnant! one week away from the 2nd trimester! The last 2 days I have been feeling a lot better, i have my moments of weakness of course, which usually are either first thing in the morning and closer towards dinner time. I head back to the doctor on Monday and admittedly am a little nervous. I have a new doctor this time around, not by choice, but by insurance. I'm scared she is going to lecture me about gaining weight, taking my prenatals, keeping fluids down, being low in vitamin D, the importance of folic acid blah blah blah. If this happens, my plan is to cry. Tears always help in an awkward situation.

While I will be 11 weeks pregnant tomorrow, Hudson will be 11 months old! One month from being one!! I know a couple of blogs ago i said that I would have his 10 month pictures up, well i lied. i never took his 10 month pictures due to being pretty much worthless the last 8 weeks. hope you can all forgive me. I really would love to get his pictures done in the next couple of days but its something I just cannot do myself, do to the fact he wont stay in one spot, so hopefully danny can sacrifice 20 minutes of his evening to help me take the stud's pictures! =)

Well, the boys are about to wake from nap, so I must go finish what I started before I came to blog...did you forget already? i was blow drying my hair duh! =) I may even curl it! oh la la!

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