Saturday, November 19, 2011

Announcing the Pregnancy!

When I first learned I was pregnant, I really wanted to think of as many creative ways to announce it, and even try to do something a little different for each person we told. I searched, google, & thought for weeks on different ideas and thought I would share them with you guys and also let you know which ones we used and the reactions we got! =)

Children's Book with message & sono picture- This is how we told my mom! I got a baby book and on the inside wrote "Gigi, I hope you will read this book to me sometime in June or May if I'm early!" Love, Baby Ruth #2. Below the message was the sonogram picture. Her reaction:

the book, its a little hard to see the writing....

my grandma, her & my mom had the exact reaction...haha =)

A Picture with a Message on it: my dad is always really good at knowing when somethings "up" i knew surprising him & my stepmom would be a challenge! My stepmom likes taking pictures so after much thinking I came up with this idea:

my sister knew it was coming, thats why she looks so calm lol. Cali & Donna=shock! haha

Say "We're Pregnant!": For Danny's parents, surprising them would be pretty easy. We first told them, like everyone else, that we wanted them to see Hudson in his halloween costume ,"babe ruth!" We met them after church on a Sunday and I told them I wanted to get a picture of Hudson in his outfit with them. Danny's parents are really big on family photos, so i knew this idea would work perfect! After a couple of pics of going "say cheese" on the third take, Danny said "say were pregnant!!" and this was the look:

A Poem: This may sound a little cheesy & mushy but this is how i decided to tell Danny, I wrote him a poem, framed it & put it out on the table for him to read while having breakfast. After he finished reading it, I showed him the positive pregnancy test. 
I once was just 1,
but then the Lord gave me you...
and I became "we"
soon after, with 9 months of waiting...
our "we" became   3
such a sweet family...
you, him & me
& now we’ve been blessed once more...
 in june will be a family of... 4

it looked a lot better printed out but I cant get it to line up right in my blog! 

I didnt get a pic of danny's face bc I was too busy being nervous about his response! 2 under 17 months is def going to be a challenge but I think were up least we have to be I guess haha! 

Some other ways we thought of that we didn't use:
-Dressing up like an oven by decorating a box & placing a bun in it, let your hubby dress as a chef!
-Pretend like your sick & have your "temp" taken, act like you cant figure out how to read the thermometer and hand the surprise-e the positive pregnancy test instead! 
-Make a pregnancy video, you can search on Utube for some really cute ones!
-The classic big brother/big sister t-shirt
- Put a hamburger bun in the oven, have someone go "check" it..."why's there a bun in the oven?" hehe
-Get a piece of fruit that matches with the size of the baby and  be like "this is currently the size of the newest addition to the Ruth Family!"

well i think thats was all my ideas for this pregnancy, hopefully if we ever have more, i'll be able to come up with some more!!

Well, Monday I head to the doctor for my 12 week appointment & will be taking my first pregnancy picture! =) 

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