Friday, November 4, 2011


i am always always always so thankful for fridays, fridays at 5:00pm to be exact. call me a crazy in love newlywed but i always look forward to my husband walking in that front door to spend the next 2 and half days with us! This weekend is going to be crazy busy for us! Tomorrow morning we are having a garage sale and then tomorrow night we are headed to a wedding in Fort Worth at Bass Hall. Should be a really fun time! Sunday will be church & then I have a photo shoot that night and then its monday morning again. wooh. i'm tired just thinking about it.

speaking of tired. i have a mom question. my child, also known as Hudson, has been sleeping A LOT lately. For instance, this entire week he has been going to bed at 7 then wakes up with 2 sneezes at 7 the next morning. Instead of going in there, I just kinda of wait for him to call for us, also known as cry. Well he hasnt done that. He just lays in bed sort of talks to him self and then falls back asleep until 9 sometimes 9:30.  He then has breakfast, plays, gets dressed and is back to sleep around 10:30sh, sleeping until almost 12:30. Is up, has snack & lunch, plays and is back asleep at 2:30 sleeping until 4:30. Has snack, then dinner, plays, bath, and bed by 7. isnt that a lot of sleeping?! Almost 14 hours at night and then at least 4 during the day. Does that seem like a lot? Could it be a growth spurt?

well danny ruth just informed me were putting my dresser in the garage sale & that i need to get it cleaned out. i'm really not sure where all my clothes are going to go now but i'm assuming this means i'm going to get a new dresser eventually. so high five! and by new i hope you know i mean vintage flee market new ;)

since we've been getting ready for this garage sale in the morning i have learned something about myself.  I, amber michele henson ruth, am not a an organizer. which makes sense, i dont even match my own socks. but oh i wish i could organize. i envy those who can. i wish there was like a way i could get good at organizing, but i personally think its just a gift and i have not received it, maybe i'll register for it someday.

well, part 2 of our missouri trip is coming up along with hudson's 10 month/halloween costume pics. so be on the look out!


  1. yay! I am not the only mama who missed out on the gift of organization. I have to say though, for someone who claims to NOT be sure do appear that way! :)

    PS: you should see my closet. then you would know the depth of the disorganization I live with.

  2. we could have an organization tutorial! haha! i am super OCD organization/clean freak! leightons diapers are in even stacks...i mean, come on. both are closets are organized by color, sleeve length, and season! baha!