Saturday, November 19, 2011

umm 10 months.

i know, hudson is 11 months, but i took these pictures a few days before he turned the big 11 so technically these will be his 10 month pictures! A glimpse in Hudson's life as a 10 month old:

-cruising along anything he can reach & get his hands on. he loves pulling up on furniture & tables; especially if there is something to grab off of them.
-he absolutely loves playing catch with his ball, and will do it all day if i let him!
-eats 5 times a day, breakfast-lunch-dinner, and 2 snacks.
-sleeps 12-13 hours at night, with two 2 hour naps during the day.
-his favorite foods are: banana, almost any type of bean,  & sweet potatoes!
-is wearing 9-12 month old clothes!
-will say "ba" for ball
-dances every time he hears music
-follows mommy everywhere
-loves playing with daddy & pretending he is a jungle gym
-and gets in trouble on a daily basis for getting into murphy's food.
-new foods we tried this month: hummus, watermelon, & grapes!

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