Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a boy mom

so remember that time i said i was going to blog everyday? ha. we sort of all new that wouldnt happen right? but in my defense i only missed 2 days. ;)

Today Hudson is 13 months old and on Friday I will be 20 weeks pregnant! so crazy all this happening, still mind is boggled & somewhat in denial that there will be another baby ruth here in June!!

In case you missed the overload on my facebook page, we are having another boy!! I was actually very surprise by this but then totally expected it as well. does that make sense? When I first learned I was pregnant, I had always had this feeling that I was just destined to be a "boy mom," you know the kind I'm talking about, the mom who brings the orange slices & mini gatorade bottles to the soccer games? The mom that wears a button of her kid on her shirt at his pee wee football game, the mom that makes mud pies & goes on a hunt outside to look for worms & lighting bugs, that mom that builds forts out of boxes & of course the mom that pours peroxide on cuts from all the tree climbing and ice packs on bruises from wrestling. I'm destined to be that mom. I think mainly bc i was that kid. I was 100% tom boy and not by my mom's choice, but simply from my nature & maybe my dad's desire to have a little boy (or so i believe). I loved going on scavenger hunts in the "woods" looking for "treasures." I loved climbing trees (and falling), I loved almost any & every sport you introduced to me...except for ballet & dance (but are these even sports?). I had a cross over in basketball that was merely unstoppable, a right arm that was made for 3rd base, and legs that could run for days. Though I never had the tom boy look, I sure played the part well. Its hard to have the tomboy look when your blonde & blue and with the the most fragile boney looking body.  If you were to meet me wouldn't know any of this though. I am 100% girl. I love shopping, romantic comedies, baking & decorating! I love a cute pair of heels & and getting dressed for the day is strangely one of my favorites times of the day.

But a boy mom is what I am & what I will be. And I simply adore it & love it! However, I do think the Lord will give me a little girl some day...but if not it seems that I will have plenty of nieces to live vicariously through! and....were not done having kids till we have a girl!!

so the cats out of the bag...another boy for the ruth family!! What great leaders I will soon have on my hands! Prayers for this next sweet boy are always welcomed! =)

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