Thursday, January 19, 2012

our time at the state fair

way back in september, or was it october? we made a couple visits to the state fair while it was up & running! Both times we went we really had a great experience, however i do not recommend the fried corn on the cob or the fried snickers...very much a disappointment but the fried cheesecake & fletchers traditional corn dog was enough to satisfy! Hudson & i went one day with just my mom, it was so nice because during the week it wasn't very crowded! We also got to go to the Dallas Children's Museum thats inside the state fair grounds for like $2! It was so much fun & there was so much for Hudson to do. They even had a special area for crawlers & children under 2! Here are some pictures i took from both out trips...oh and all these pics are taken with my phone so sorry for the quality...or lack there of! ;)

above: pretty much when we first go to the fair! Hudson loved just looking at everything & was totally content in his stroller the whole time! 

above: me & the stud, fletchers corn dog stand (i shamelessly love corn dogs!!), and then the other 2 pics are the start of our time in the museum! 

There was a lot of pretend play things for hudson that included a fire truck to play on and even to dress up as a firemen, a farm/barn area & then a musical area with all kinds of instruments!

above: hudson's favorite was the "water" area...he loved splashing around and playing with those oversized ducks! There in his firemen outfit he was about to go down the slide from the fire truck! Then the other two are from the "construction site" and the hollywood station, you cant see the mirror but it was big with a lot of bright lights & they had tons of dress up clothes!

these last 3 pictures are from when we came back with daddy! hudson could of crawled around in this little gym area forever! he loved it! 

I love going to the state fair & hopefully it will be something we do as a family every year!! 

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