Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hudson's Birthday Party

On December 18th, Hudson turned one! I know, crazy! One years old! I still havent officially done his one year old photoshoot! But I think me & my step mom (who happens to be camera savvy as well) are going to try to tackle it soon. Taking his photos by myself is just wayyyy to challenging now and its hard to find good help at the right time of day ;) i seriously need an assistant...any takers? 

Anyway, hudson's birthday party was very much a success! As much as i stressed out and planned...I couldn't of asked for better results! My mom was that backbone of it all though, so thank you momma!! His party was at "The Grove" in the shops of Allen, we rented out a train caboose, where the food & presents went. The area was big enough to where kids could run & play and adults could have all the free space they wanted. I knew the weather might be a risk, but thankfully there were heaters & a fire places if needed...however, the Lord blessed us with amazing weather that day! 

The area was all decorated for Christmas and if wanted families could go see Santa who was just around the corner. And from what I gathered, he's one of the best Santas in the metroplex! Score! 

I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted, especially of all the food preparation and decorating but it all turned out so cute in my opinion! I pretty much incorporated items from Hudson's nursery to decorate the food table, so it somehow would represent him! The Menu consisted of: donut holes, homemade blueberry muffins & zucchinni muffins, bananas, cherrios & "oops all berries" cereal! Beverages consisted of: coffee, hot chocolate, orange juice, milk & bottled water!

For the "cake" i made pumpkin muffins with a cream cheese frosting! This was the first time for hudson to have anything this sweet so I'm glad I made it, knowing what ingredients were in it! yes im crazy. dont remind me. He really didnt know what to do with it, but once he tasted it, of course he liked it. However he probably wont have it again, until his next birthday haha! 

Hudson got tons of gifts and we sort of have been in toy over load, with his birthday & then christmas! We have so many toys that we haven't even opened, but I like them for a rainy day! =) I'm not a fan of just toys being everywhere anyway, I like for him to have 3-5 things to play with at a time and not be so overwhelmed! So right now, we have a closet, book case & under our bed filled with toys! haha!

Hudson wasn't in the best of moods, but definitely not the worse. I wasn't there with him that morning to really get him to nap or to even nap in the car so, once the party rolled around my sleep deprived child was a bit clingy & not so smiley. But all in all, he did great! Heres some pictures I snapped, and sadly I didnt get everyone who came either =( 


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