Monday, January 9, 2012

just another manic monday

do you ever feel like your every move is being watched? i've sort of been feeling this way since this whole boy or girl thing arose. i'm getting phone calls, text messages, wall post, tweets...from so many people just dying to know if baby ruth #2 is a boy or a girl. i'm honestly not telling to cause any anxiety attacks, i just want family & close friends to know the big news in a creative yet subtle way. Like i said in my last post, I'm just trying to do something to where I feel like I'm making this pregnancy somewhat special! so bear with me people, by next week you will all know. Does this mean no one is going to read my blog now?

did you notice i didnt blog yesterday? well, sunday, ahem, is the day of no blogging will occur on sundays :) just FYI if there was anyone trying keep me accountable for my daily blogging.

I can't believe were already in the second week of January, where is the time going?! i'm so behind with posting pictures of whats been going on in our lives! did you know that we went to the fair? OCTOBER! so my goal for post this week is to catch up on pictures so be prepared for photo over load!

So today, its raining, boo, i'm not a fan of the rain... unless for some reason it involves some romantic gesture that could also pass as a movie scene, then by golly put me in the rain. But the rain can just put a damper on things dont you think? pun not intended by the way. cant go on a walk, the dogs dont wanna poop on the grass, the mail gets wet bringing it inside, your hair goes all kinds of flat. but like i always say, if you want the rainbow you gotta put up with the rain!  typically on mondays i see my mom but she gave hudson & i the boot today so were on our own ;). So plan B will involve, a trip to the library to check out some books, walgreens to pick up some pictures i had printed off 2 weeks ago (dont judge me, walgreens has already called 3 times), and then maybe a trip to walmart to get some spaghetti for dinner tonight. I'm thinking were gonna have chicken spaghetti, so hopefully my nana will read this and send me her amazing chicken spaghetti recipe...if not here i come. =)

okay time to go get snack ready before the lil munchkin wakes up.

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