Tuesday, January 24, 2012

that time we went to the pumpkin patch

so back in october, we made a trip out to a pumpkin patch! we had a really good time! I remember this day very well, mainly because it was the day i told danny I was pregnant with baby # 2. So the whole day was a little surreal for the both of us! This pumpkin patch was huge, with a tractor hay ride, a  small riding train for kids, a huge pumpkin garden where you could pick your own pumpkins and a petting zoo of all their farm animals! We got food to feed the goats, sheep & cows (longhorns whatever they are called) & even a hot dog & chips for us! Hudson really had a good time loved looking & petting the animals. Here is some pictures I took with my phone! And yes I promise my christmas post will happen before Valentines Day. 

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