Thursday, January 26, 2012

baby # 2 update

Tomorrow I will be 21 weeks...seriously where is the time going?! more than halfway, that is if baby doesnt come early! which fingers crossed he doesnt because i'm suppose to be a maid of honor in Key West Florida come 36 weeks into this pregnancy! (Like I said, total unplanned pregnancy). I'm sure the wedding pictures will be fabulous with big preggo me in them, but really isnt that one of the brides worse nightmares... that none of her bridesmaids are pregnant at their wedding, specifically the maid of honor?! Oh how will I ever be able to repay my sister?!

Anyway, at 21 weeks I have now gained a grand total of 5 pounds...whoop whoop. However, from the looks of me you would think i'm lying due to the expansion of this belly. I still can wear my regular jeans, though they are quite snug and by dinner time they are extremely snug, to say the least.. but i have to get credit to my hips, or lack there of I guess you could say, they my friends are not what you call "child bearing" hips... but with the Grace of God they are getting things done =).

My next doctors appointment is next week where they will do a thorough sonogram. I dont remember doing this with Hudson except for the couple of times I was in the hospital with him. This will be my 5th (or 6?) sonogram of baby # 2, should I be concerned about all these sonograms?!

Besides the gender reveal the next project at hand for baby ruth #2 is figuring out the color scheme of his nursery & crib bedding. This is has been extremely difficult for me and I really have no idea why. I know what I like, but I cant seem to envision it in my head, thankfully has been a big help in organizing all my thoughts. A few things I know for sure is that i do want a nursery with color (unlike hudsons neutral nursery),but not bright colors, more like a pastel or faded look, i want to use the chevron/zig zag print,  I want to use the colors gray & red...somehow and i do not want a "theme-ish" room. Now not a lot of red...just some. Heres why, after already having one boy, i know where this room is going, meaning i better have room for baseballs, fire trucks, trains and wagons... all of which have red in them.

Heres a few pictures I have "pinned" to try to help me put all my thoughts together...if any of you are decorators your suggestions would be great! I'm trying to pick which fabric should be on the bumpers, the crib sheet and then an accent fabric for pillows, ties for the bumpers...and maybe a curtain or diaper holder! And yes...danny's mom is the master seamstress at hand once again, and no you cannot have her business card unless you are having one of her grandchildren ;)

above: pictures that originally inspired my ideal room for baby # 2 (just need to do away with the pinks ;)


  1. well of course I'm going to say i LOVE the elephants..taylor knows if we have a boy next there will be elephants..hes so thrilled :) haha! i like all of it..super cute! the elephants would be a cute diaper holder.. :)

  2. love all the patterns/colors you have chosen! I think they are perfect. Do you guys have a list of names yet? Will keep those private? Can't believe how far along you are already!! :)

  3. hey amber
    love the fabrics!~
    was just looking online to try to decide what to do for my boys room! love the grey/white and also the red elephants, where did you get these fabrics from?
    do you already know where you'll buy them from?
    was thinking maybe I could make a blanket and pillow sham out of some of them too...hmm.
    thanks amber!!!