Tuesday, February 7, 2012

and its only tuesday!

what an awesome week this has been so far and like my blog title says, "its only tuesday!" Hudson is like 95% back to his normal self woohoo! sleeping like a champ, clearing his eating plates & climbing on everything! Love that little boy! =) Yesterday, danny had a final test for a certain certification he has been working on & he passed! this also deserves a "woohoo!" I'm soooo proud of him!! He then also found out a couple days ago the he has an interview this coming Thursday in Austin for a new position (still with statefarm!) So we are really excited about that as well!

I had a very thorough sonogram at my doctors appointment yesterday and learned that i was actually 23 weeks & 1 day along, instead of 22 weeks. They upped my due date to 6/3! Baby boy #2 looked great in all his pictures and was moving everywhere during his "photoshoot!" He weighs over a pound now! And I gained 5 pounds!! Which was actually less than what I was expecting, due to my major stress eating this past week! =/

well, its 10 till 2 meaning a certain little boy is getting ready for nap! But wanted to share all the good news! Hudson's health, danny passing his test & getting an interview, and a baby #2 looking healthier than ever! =) Praise the Lord, for his is Good!! =))

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