Saturday, February 4, 2012

follow up.

yesterday evening, hudson & i made our way to the pediatricians office in frisco...he cried the whole 45 minute drive. saw the doc & decided that hudson no longer needed to do the breathing treatments. His lungs seemed pretty clear, his appetite was back, no fever & his left ear had cleared up (thank you garlic drops!). However, his right ear was now pretty red so were garlicking (is that a word?)  that one now. Pediatrician suggested a few things: stop the breathing treatments, switch to motrin instead of tylenol, garlic drops in both ears & bath/massage him in "Child Calm." Since the Albuetrol was making him have a lot of "highs"he needed a lot of time to come down & get his body relaxed. Thankfully i already had some child calm at home, I used it on Hudson when he was just a few months old to help him sleep at night.

So after the 25 minute sick visit (and hudson crying the whole time) we drove back home around 6 last night and yes hudson cried the whole way back. I had kept it together all day until we were about 5 minutes from pulling into the drive way & thats when I lost it. I probably said to Hudson 47 times yesterday "hudson, please stop crying " & nothing i did would make him stop & so i guess i just decided to join him. I even got a little angry with the big man upstairs, in fact i even said out loud "umm, i know you see whats going on...why wont you make it stop?!"

So we got home, had dinner, I gave hudson a bath & put him to bed a little after 7....and didnt hear from again until 7:30 this morning. wow what a difference it made not doing those dang breathing treatments before bed time! I woke up this morning, very excited to see hudson & very thankful for my God given motherly intuition. I knew something was up with those breathing treatments & how they were effecting hudson & am thankful the Lord allowed me to act upon my instincts and for the wisdom. So i say to all moms...if even for a second something doesn't seem right, regardless of what your doctor says, the back of the label or your best friend, go off your instinct its there for a reason!

today he has been a little fussy but not too bad! has already taken one 2 hour nap and is currently on his second nap. Has eaten well and played well. I did try to get out of the house with him & make a target run but we went a little to close to nap time so after being in the store for about 10 minutes it was time to head back home before I became "that mom" with a screaming child who wasn't doing anything about it...sigh.  Maybe i'll be able to get out of the house tomorrow! (wishful thinking)!


  1. well of course I'm going to need to know mre about this child calm! sounds like something i could put to use right about now haha! I'm SO glad Hud is doing better! :)

  2. Hey lady! the albuterol did the same thing to us! crazy stuff...Kensington and Hudson both had the same reaction to it. Only doing it again if we MUST! Glad he is feeling like himself again. I hope you are feeling more like yourself too! :)