Wednesday, February 1, 2012

i need a sick day

*long post- so dont waste your lunch hour reading it. lol

This past Friday, for the most part, started off like any other Friday for Hudson & I. We had breakfast, played & got ready to go to the library. While we were playing I noticed Hudson's nose was running, not thinking much of it I wiped it clean and continued on with our day. While Hudson was napping I had my typical quiet time, got dressed and packed up his diaper bag for the day! We were headed to the library, lunch at chick fila and then a quick browse through the antique mall. I was really excited about today, checking out new books, chicken sandwich (yum), & then scoping out ideas for baby #2's nursery (am i the only mom who would choose an antique store to get ideas for the childs nursery)?

As I was finishing getting dressed I heard Hudson awake from nap, right on schedule, but he wasn't talking...he was coughing & sneezing. Again not thinking much of it & really cold's dont freak me out too much mainly because I know that a cold is probably the best way for Hudson's immune system to grow stronger! So I'll take a runny nose over a stomach bug any day. =)

Once we got to the library I noticed Hudson's deamoneir started changing, he had snack there but didnt eat it all and that silly nose kept on running & that cough was slowly becoming more dramatic. At the library, I checked out 8 books and turned in 8 books, one that Hudson had torn a page in from lifting a flap in "Spots First Walk" a little too aggressive. I showed the librarian where the page was torn & how I taped it back, but she informed me that we would still have to buy the book. "Okay" i thought, "no big deal, he likes the book, so how much?" The lady proceeds to tell me theres a $5 processing fee & the book is $8.  $13 for a 6 page used book?! Was she serious? I sort of laughed and was like ," no seriously, how much is it" haha...she wasn't laughing. Then there was a 3.5% charge to use your credit card for any purchases...colleyville library has got a pretty good business going, no wonder its so nice.

After our time at the library we headed to Chick Fila, this is where I really started to notice that Hudson just wasn't being himself. He didnt drink his milk, ate only half of his banana & had only 2 grilled nuggets. And that silly nose continued to drip.

That night I loaded Hudson up with Briar Rose drops (for congestion), Lithy Tree drops (for the cough), and some extra Vitamin D drops (immunity). The next morning he seemed a little better, still had the cough & runny nose but slept pretty good through the night...I think he woke up 2 times and I just cleaned his nose out and back to sleep he went. For the most part Hudson was okay during the day besides the cough & runny nose. But as each day went by, I noticed his appetite & fluid intake was quickly declining. He was fussy & drooling (which turned out to be mucus)  all over the place, so like most moms i immediately thought he was teething.

Our nights got longer. Hudson slept in the bed the whole night with us for the first time in his little life. Waking up every hour or so, coughing & crying. At night his fever would spike. His whole body felt sunburn and was extremely hot to touch, sometimes I even felt like i was touching hot plate right out of the oven. For 5 nights, this momma was up if not from peeing (pregnancy), then with a sick baby...rocking, shushing, giving him tylenol, cough syrup, putting orajel on his teeth, rubbing him down with vapor rub, cleaning his nose out. By time Tuesday got here, I was merely exhausted. I think I broke down & cried 3 times yesterday, which was also our anniversary.

I had a feeling it was RSV just because it had been going around and so many kids were being diagnosed with it, but I wasn't sure if going to the doctor would help since there really isnt anything they can do (or so I thought). So that is why I was so hesitant to call the doctor, plus I was a little in denial that it was anything worse than just a cold & teething. But when i called the doctor, they wanted me to bring him in as soon as I could. This made me worry, mainly because we go to a homeopathic pediatrician, meaning its pretty rare to walk out there with a shot or a prescription for antibiotic (which is precisely why we go there ;).

So off to the doctor we went. Now, how many pediatricians do you know of that their treatment plan for your kiddo with RSV is this:
8 drops of Lithy Tree- three times a day
3-5 garlic drops in ears-once a day
peppermint oil on the bottom of feet as needed to decrease fever
5-8 drops of Vitamin D-three times a day
homeopathic cough syrup ever 4-6 hours (mostly chamomile & thyme)
breathing treatments three times a day.

Most of this we were already doing, but not as much. The peppermint oil really did help with his fever!! I was amazed! And we actually used peppermint extract with had alcohol in it, which also helps with a fever.

So last night we started breathing treatments, he hated it of course. He woke up 3 times, once was extremely thirsty, so he drank almost a cup of water & then went back to sleep. The other two times I gave him the cough syrup & just rocked him back to sleep. This morning, for the breathing treatments, I held him really close, put on Veggie Tales, let him hold a tv remote along with Frankie (his puppy), covered the machine with a pillow (its sooo loud) & sang "jesus loves me" right in his ear, and for the most part he sat still but still cried the whole 8 minutes. So some improvement. He seems to be feeling better already, and even had a full breakfast this morning & drank most of his milk along with some homemade Thyme tea.

okay i was going to write a lot more...but i might have to put it in another post because its 12:30 and i really need to shower & feed my kid (both of them;).

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