Thursday, February 9, 2012

not granola thursday ;)

i seriously am blown away from all the encouragement i have received in less than 24 hours.  from friends, families, other bloggers, and even complete strangers who have commented, emailed me, texted me & called from my sappy post yesterday. you guys are too much! =) thank you in abundance! what sweet readers i seem to have! =)

after letting my thoughts out yesterday i instantly felt better about the situation! i should know since having a masters in counseling, that keeping feelings bottled up pretty much gets you know where & only makes things worse. soooo i'm glad you all were such great listeners! =)

in other news, during the week from H-E double hockey stick, i made a vast decision on baby number 2's nursery. i have decided to keep hudson's nursery for next baby and give hudson a new room! which now thinking about it, totally makes sense. Hudson will soon be old enough to really "play" in his room & not just sleep. So i want to make his room more playful & vibrant! A room he likes to be in & a room that keeps him busy! And, i totally am an avid fan of keeping a newborns room very calm, quiet and peaceful, because really all they are going to be doing in it is sleeping. I absolutely have loved our nursery and have no desire to get rid of it so handing it down to his little brother sounds just perfect! Which begins the starts of "hand me downs!" hehe

For hudsons room, i fell in love with some fabric i found at JoAnns! of all places! I have been looking at fabric non stop online...if you follow my pinterest your probably well aware of all the fabric pinning i have been doing. So to find some pieces that i just couldnt walk away from at little ol JoAnns was really exciting! Heres majority of the fabrics we will use! I promise it looks a lot better in person! =)

he's going to love it! i have such big plans for his room, that i can't wait to start flee market shopping for i the only person who would say that?! Hudson will still be in a crib but eventually his crib can turn into a toddler bed so thats why i decided to make him a lil comforter with a couple of pillows! he has really been into pillows lately and loves laying on them so as much as i dont want to see the bumpers go, i think he's going to love his new bedding! Cant wait to show you the final result in a few months! 

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