Friday, February 10, 2012

a post about dogs

i think ive told my husband almost everyday this week "it feels like thursday" and now today its finally friday! woohoo! who doesnt love fridays?! i particular adore them, first & foremost because i know @ 6:00 pm the hubby is home for good! this weekend is valentines day weekend, we dont have any plans unfortunately, but i'm sure danny ruth will come up with something extra sweet & romantic (this is the point in the blog we all make a slight giggle and sigh.)

danny's mom is in missouri for the weekend, they left early yesterday morning so hudson & i have had this huge house all to our lonesome! yesterday we weren't quiet sure what to do with ourselves. i sort of have forgotten whats it likes to be alone with just hudson for an entire day and now were on day 2 haha...things are getting crazy! i'm also dog sitting, have a mentioned im really not a fan of dogs, especially now that i have a baby?! i was told this thought process would happen so i was prepared. anyway so i'm dog sitting 3 dogs, all little white dogs, with a broad range in age & personality. Murphy is the youngest, the most playful & the most energetic...he also only likes humans who walk him & have never punished him. Therefore i have 2 strikes against me. Carly is the "middle child" and just sort of goes along with the flow. She's old enough to mind & not get into too much trouble but young enough to keep up with Murphy & give him the attention he so desperately needs. Then theres Callie, oh sweet Callie. Callie is very old. She can't hear or hardly see but she does mind well...if she can hear you give any commands that is. She definitely has a mind of her own & does everything on her timing. She wonders the house looking for dannys mom & then comes to find me where ever I am to sit by me. oh these crazy dogs! thankfully they all like to sleep and they all know to potty outside, so my job isn't too bad. Murphy & Callie are probably the hardest because their age...its almost like taking care of a toddler & an elderly person...both of which need a great deal of attention!

Hudson has loved having all these dogs around! He has been caught several times petting Callie & Carly and trying to play in the middle of Murphy & Carly. Last night he was even laying his head down on Carly while she licked him, a little gross i admit, but sweet at the same time. Hudson usually startles Callie so she runs away from him, and Murphy will growl at him & walk away. So its been nice having Carly!

one thing i can say for sure about these dogs is...they sure can help clean up a mess at eating times! =)

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