Thursday, April 19, 2012

a lot

its exactly 4 o'clock, time for hudson to wake up from his afternoon nap, but instead he just fell asleep 15 minutes ago. Tonight should be interesting. He has a new tooth coming in, which he loves keeping his tiny little fingers on. I feel like he's getting better with this whole teething thing, or maybe I'm just getting better at realizing it sooner. this will be tooth number 6! Our sweet boy turned 16 months yesterday, i really should take some pictures of him but I may wait till he gets a hair cut & this new tooth thing is all settled.

i have so many pictures i want to put on here that are on my phone but i have seem to misplaced my cord to upload them and i'm too lazy to figure out this whole icloud thing for the iphones soooo once again this will be a picture-less post. sorry for all you picture book readers. And I promise a Easter post is coming too!

we've been super busy with house looking/searching/bidding and still not having much luck. everything keeps falling through for one reason or another. However, we did, for the 3rd time, put in an offer yesterday for a home in Mckinney! I'm a little nervous about it, mainly bc after making the offer I realized theres no pantry in the kitchen and theres no shade trees in the back yard. 2 big negatives in my opinion. however danny ruth has assured me if we do get the house he will find solutions to both =) Hello covered patio?! =) My husband is such a servant, I just love him to pieces.

I wasn't going to blog about this just yet, but I figured its a good way to get some prayers from my fellow blog readers. This past Monday I had another doctors appointment along with another sonogram (make that sonogram number 8 or 9, but who's counting?!) and was given some unsettling news. Baby is very small, weighing maybe 3 pounds when he should be weighing over 4. He is in the 3rd percentile right now. Dr. Holt, (OB) diagnosed him with IUGR which is In-uterine Growth Restriction. She's been concerned with his size and growth for the past 2 months now as he continues to drop in size. All this was a little shocking for a moment, mainly because 2 weeks ago when I went in, my tummy had grew 7 cmm so we were all thinking/hoping baby had caught up in size but unfortunately that isnt the case. IUGR is caused by several factors one being the placenta just isnt working properly, meaning baby isn't receiving enough nutrients and/or oxygen. Which means regardless of how much I eat or what I eat...its still not getting to baby. This coming Tuesday we will be going to a specialist that will do a more thorough sonogram that can tell us a lot more along with some other test.  As far as we know baby is perfectly healthy, he just seems really small. Everything else seems to be functioning properly and looks great. Soooo...with all that said! If you could just send a few prayers up for us in hopes that when we go to the specialist that everything looks great & theres nothing to worry about...except finding horses for my 2 small jockey's that were raising. ;)

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