Monday, April 23, 2012

16 months

Here we are at 16 months...possibly the last "month" that hudson will be my only baby. its bitter sweet. if i think too much about it, i will most definitely end up in tears. so....were not going to go there! Yesterday was such a beautiful day, that after hudson's afternoon nap i decided to do a 10 minute photo shoot with him. I'm amazed at how much planning I have to do in order to make 10 minutes somewhat successful. As most moms know, once your child is "moving" getting them to still in one spot is nearly impossible. But I'm pretty happy with how these turned out even though once again theres not one where he's looking at the camera smiling, I think I may need an assistant for that. ;)

At 16 months, hudson is very very busy! He is climber, a runner, a furniture mover, and ball throwing machine. He loves being chased, hiding when he's up to no good, pretending daddy is a jungle gym and diving on pillows! He also is a great talker, in my opinion at least! This is something that I have been very surprised with...considering he is his fathers child ;) Hudson has about 20 words, his favorites & most said are: "frankie," "dog," "momma," "daddy/dada," "up," "hi," "bye bye," "callie," "ball," "close!" He's great at repeating and mocking almost any sound you make! He loves looking at books,sitting in chairs, pretending to talk on the phone, dancing to music, being outside for any reason whatsoever, and sleeping haha...yes this kid still loves his sleep! Hudson now sleeps from 7ish till 8 in the morning! has a morning nap & an afternoon nap! While he is still such a joy, i will say we are in full toddler mode which includes major independence and those awful things called temper tantrums! yes my little hudson brownleee had his first and definitely not last temper tantrum just this past week. Grant it, it only lasted for maybe a minute I was still in complete shock. My first thought was "i need a new parenting book!" He still hasn't learned to say "no" which I love but is great at shaking his head "yes!" With all that said... here is our little soon to be awesome big brother!!

Hudson Brownlee, you make 16 months look so good! We are so proud of the little boy you are slowly becoming! You are going to make such a wonderful big brother!

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