Friday, June 1, 2012

Hampton's Birth Story

Wednesday morning, close to 8 AM, after hearing Hudson's sweet voice over the monitor letting us know he was awake... I felt as though i might of maybe... pee'd on myself or just a lil trickle if you will. I went straight to the bathroom and thought nothing of it and went on with my daily morning routine. Every 15 minutes or so, I felt myself needing to go to the bathroom. I went downstairs to tell danny's mom what was going on and we both sort of thought that maybe it was my water breaking? but really wasnt too sure and i was pretty certain it was not my water. By 11 o'clock i was still "leaking" and texted a couple of my friends who are L&D nurses and both said to call the I did. After talking to Dr. Holt's nurse, she said "girl, i'm looking at your file and your dilated to a 4, go ahead & get your little body to the hospital." Shocked, i said okay,got off the phone, said a quick prayer, and went into the game room where danny was working for the day to break the news.

When i walked into the game room, danny was on the phone, I looked at him and mouthed "we need to go to the hospital." Whoever he was talking to quickly learned our news as danny stopped talking and changed the subject to "well, my wife just walked in and it looks like were headed to the hospital."

So we got dressed, packed our bags, put Hudson down for a nap and headed to Baylor Medical Center in Frisco. Danny stopped at quick trip for a red bull... he was now in full "coach" mode for me. On the way to the hospital we both sort of thought how nice it was to not be in some big panic to get to hospital, it was sunny outside, 12 noon, I wasn't contracting (or so I thought), we both had showered and got all of our stuff together without feeling like we were forgetting something. Makes sense why people have scheduled inductions/c-sections.

We arrived at the hospital close to 1 PM. When we got there they did a test on me to determine what the substance was that had been "leaking" all morning, after 20 minutes the nurse came in and said "well, it looks like your staying, your water has definitely broke!" I looked at danny & said "we're going to have a baby today!"

I changed into the extremely attractive & awkward fitting hospital gown, while Danny started to prepare the room for my all natural labor & delivery. Dimmed the lights, started my play list, & started reviewing the relaxation techniques of the Bradley Method. The nurse came in to check how far I was dilated and hook me up to the fetal monitor and start my IV. Once I was all hooked up, the screen was able to tell me that I indeed was contracting about every 5-7 minutes. I was still dilated to a 4...almost a 5 at the time.

About an hour later, Dr. Holt came to check me and then had to fully break the rest of my infection can occur if you wait too long. The nurse informed me that once the water is fully broken there is a high chance that the pain will get very intense. I knew this already, as it did with Hudson, the pain after my water breaking with him was awful...and I even had an epidural at the time. I started to get a little scared, but quickly responded with confidence that I didnt want any pain medication, I was ready to do this...I was mentally & spiritually prepared.

My water was broken and yes the contractions started to get a little uncomfortable. I was unable to walk the hospital halls since my water had broke...the staff really wanted me to stay in the bed since "i would be leaking everywhere." But laying in the bed was not going to get this baby out any I devised a plan. I would just say I need to go pee every 10 minutes...and thats just what I did. I got up & down out of the bed probably 50 times up until I was fully dilated I was still walking around. I would sometimes do squats once I got to the bathroom and i would even "push" once I sat on the toilet. My friend, Alex, told me to do I did it. haha. I think it really helped.

Around 3PM  I was dilated to a 7 and then 30 minutes later an 8. The contractions were at this point unbearable. Danny was massaging my back pretty much the entire time. The pain in my back was so intense. My nurse was incredible. She was very supportive in my all natural delivery and had even had 2 of her own. She was knowledgeable of the Bradley Method and knew the positions and techniques to help danny help me. Danny never stopped "coaching" me. He was amazing. Feeding me ice chips, Constantly encouraging me, telling me how proud of me he was, and most of all reminding me that I was not going to die. ;)

Around 4:30, I was done. Meaning I was so done with having to deal with the pain. I had never felt more excruciating pain in my life. Nothing I did made it go away. Nothing relaxed me. I was losing faith of being able to really do this. I starting thinking "who am I kidding?! I am such a wimp!" I looked at danny and told him I couldn't do it, I needed some medicine. I started crying. I was definitely losing it.  This is the time that danny really stepped in, I had dropped my head into his chest and just started crying. He quickly told me to look around and showed me how all the nurses were bringing in all the delivery stuff for the baby. "its not going to be much longer, they are getting the room set up for Hampton," he would say. I felt extreme urges to push and asked to be checked. When my nurse came in, before she checked me, she asked if I wanted medicine, i played the cool card and said "no" this was during a 60 second rest period of not contracting. Another contraction came and I blurted out "i changed my mind, I want something... please give me some medicine." She started messing with my IV...ahh I was getting some meds...or was I?

I couldn't be still long enough for her to really check me or so I thought. Turns out, I was fully dilated & 100% effaced. Well no wonder I had the urge to push. I knew baby was ready. I could feel the burning of him getting closer and closer to coming out aka "the ring of fire." Everything in me was needing to push this baby out and my nurse & danny are both telling me to NOT PUSH! I was so frustrated! Who tells a pregnant woman not to push! Thats the whole reason I'm get this baby out of me! Dont tell me not to push... crazies! I'm the one with the baby in my vagina & I need to push! My nurse got in my face, started breathing very very quickly with me trying to get me on a rhythm and then said "your baby wants a doctor have to stop pushing!" i wanted to smack her. of course I didnt, but in my head i was thinking "my baby doesnt know what he wants and I'm in charge here lady!!" I seriously was out of control people. Pain makes a person do some crazy things. I was grabbing the hospital bed, shaking (yes my body got turrets again), trembling, breathing uncontrollably, & literally thinking with each contraction...when is this medicine going to kick in that she gave me. Turns out Nurse lady never got around to getting me any meds and since I was fully dilated...I couldn't have anything anyway. she tricked me on purpose! (now thats a good nurse).

Dr. Holt walked in with a smile on her face and said "you did it!" I had never been so happy to see her. I said out loud "oh thank you jesus!" She was getting her gloves on and what not on & another contraction started for me...I said..."i'm pushing" meaning...whether you guys are ready or not...i'm pushing. They stuck an oxygen mask on my face, which was nice because I could tell I was getting light headed. Danny was so sweet during this time, he kept moving my mask down for me because it kept covering my eyes.

After about 5 minutes of pushing, Dr. Holt looked at me and said that I was probably going to have to have an episiotomy. My biggest fear. I had one with Hudson and it was awful, the recovery part of it. I looked at her and said "really?! Nooo..." in a really whiney, exhausted voice. In my head i just thought, this next push I gotta get this baby out... "Lord, please deliver this baby!" I started getting very woozy at this point. I sort of felt like I was in a movie. I remember looking around the room, with my head bobbling, eyes opening & closing, sweating yet freezing at the same time and everything was just in slow motion and everyone was just staring at my vagina. And I thought "well, this is really awkward."

Another 5 minutes went by, Dr. Holt put both of her hands on my knees and said "Amber, stop pushing & look down at your baby!" I was so caught up & focused on pushing I hadn't realized that he had come out. I knew his little head has passed but I thought I had to keep pushing his body out. Going on all feel everything!

I looked down at Hampton, then at Danny, who had tears in his eyes... "i did it!" was the only thing I could say. They immediately gave me Hampton and I once again, was in awe of this precious little miracle.

On Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 @ 5:15pm, we welcomed Hampton Grey Ruth into this world, weighing 6lbs 5oz, & 17 in long. Mom, Dad, big brother Hudson and baby are all doing well!


  1. literally cried. amazing. so happy for all of you!!!!

  2. me too, crying! loved the story! way to go Amber! Proud of you and thankful for God's blessings!!!!

  3. Amber, so encouraged by your post! Way to go!! So awesome that you did it all naturally... i know the Lord was present to give you the strength you needed and of course your sweet hubby Danny! Praise the Lord for Hampton Grey! Praying you have a great recovery and that your little family of 4 is adjusting well!! :)

  4. Hi Amber. I am not sure if you remember me, but I work with Brynn and we met during the time you were planning your wedding. I loved Hampton's birth story! I have had both of my babies naturally and both were completely different. My first was easy, hardly any pain but my second hurt so bad that when i close my eyes and think about it, it sometimes sends chills down my I am due again in 2 weeks and for some odd reason I am scared to death, I have no plan for medication. I just know it is going to hurt!!! Your story gave me some courage...I WILL NOT DIE!!! :) COngrats on your sweet little boy, he is precious.

  5. Way to go Amber!! It truly is an amazing feeling and I remember telling myself many times over the next 24hrs after a natural birth that "I did it". He's an absolute doll! Hope you're enjoying your family of 4!