Wednesday, May 23, 2012

baby time

so here i am, in the hospital bed, waiting to meet our second son. my water starting breaking at 8 this morning, made our way to the hospital around 1 and now its almost 3 in the afternoon and my water has fully broke! I am dilated to a 6, 80% effaced and having contractions about 4 minutes apart! the lord is definitely working in my favor in making this delivery simply amazing. my contractions are starting to be a bit painful but obviously not to the point to where I am unable to blog about it! =) the majority of my pain is in my lower back which is different from when i labored with hudson. the hardest part so far has been getting the took 2 different nurses and 4 tries to finally get my IV in. Apparently i have some crazy veins.

danny has been great! as of right now he's going through the pages in my Bradley Method book to know how to manipulate my positioning and help me relax. were watching the ranger game and listening to a little old school dave barnes tunes.

i feel completely at peace and am leaning on the fact the Lord is this baby's deliverer! I have no fears, no anxiety and totally calm as of right now. I will try to continue to update my blog as things change or progress! =)

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