Tuesday, August 28, 2012

3 & 20

{beware: tons of pictures}

three & twenty months that is. "17 months apart" seems to be something ive been saying a lot lately. Both of my boys are at an age where they like to make themselves known. hampton has been like this for awhile now. he still is having some major trouble in the car seat and for the life of him cant lay it in the right way. See Figure A:
This was us today leaving our little play date. I of course got many looks from people, for letting my child face plant himself into his car seat, but hey he was asleep & this rarely happens while in his car seat, so I just smiled & strolled along as if i really was mother of the year =)

Speaking of mother of the year check out this photo:
yes thats hudson sitting on top of the kitchen counter in between a bottle of wine & a coffee maker. (and a really full diaper =/)

 Hampton is doing a little better about being in the bouncy seat or laying under the activity mat. His favorite spot is on the couch propped up. I think he mainly likes this spot:

because he can keep an eye on his big brother. who is never far behind...

Hampton at 3 months really isnt doing much i suppose...he plays with his hands a lot:

and when he is awake always wants to know where mommy is! his eyes are so big and they are always wide open looking for me (or so it seems!):

He nurses in about 12 minutes flat around every 3 hours and is sleeping 7:30 to 7:30 every night. yup i have two amazing night sleepers. thank you baby wise. 

 sadly, hampton seems to have "silent reflux" for which we started him on meds this past week. i havent seen major changes but each day he seems a little better.

I havent quiet totally figured Hampton's personality out yet, he's a hard baby, yet a great eater & a great sleeper. He's always so serious and seems to get scared a lot. He will smile back at any one who smiles at him and has started cooing a lot. 

 Hudson at 20 months has become a the toddler i never thought he would be. he's social, quick tempered (its just a season i know;), & dramatic. Yet still easy going & such an observer... he never misses a thing.

he loves being a big brother but easily forgets to be "gentle."

 He is slowly becoming a great little helper with getting diapers for me, throwing things away, finding hamptons paci or helping do laundry.

He's really into dressing himself (with everyones clothes):
and CLIMBING! he loves to climb and finds things to drag around so he can climb  higher!=)

one thing that hudson has always been so great at is imitating. he will mock practically everything danny & i do! heres him being mommy:

and the second danny gets home from work he grabs a ball and does this:

so though hudson may throw his food, at least he says "thank you," "all done" "more please" and waits to say "amen" before eating. he's even getting better about waiting till the entire prayer is over before diving in. And though he may say "no mommy" 83 times a day, hearing him say "love you daddy" just once makes up for all of it. And though we have many teachable moments with the spoon (spankings) at least he still sleeps 12 hours at night, takes a 2 hour afternoon nap and has an hour quiet/play time in his crib every day. 

These two boys keep me on my toes for sure, but i can't imagine a day without them. 

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  1. #1. Hampton is wearing a elephant onesie..your thinking of me not even knowing it ;)

    #2. Leighton is "quick tempered" too..funnnnn stuff! ( also enjoys throwing her food..ah)

    #3 Hamptons eyes are killing me here..they are insane! SOO cute!

    #4. Are you using a preset in these? i love how they almost seem foggy!

    #5 I can't WAIT to babysit these guys..

    #6 I have Hudons b-day gift and Hams "birth" day gift..sittin on my counter..thats sad..you can have them in Sept i guess! :)

    ok thats it..