Thursday, August 16, 2012

what was i saying?

i'm on roll arent i? 3 post in 3 days...seriously?!? get outta town! whats crazy is I usually know what i'm going to blog about before i sign in, this time, strangely enough i do not. i just clicked on that little icon that represents "create new post" and started typing away with out a thought in the sky. I took some pictures of the boys today to represent ham's 3 months and the stud's 20 month milestones...this activity only happened because i couldn't think of anything for them to do during our morning routine. I also discovered that hampton really likes sitting on the couch, propped up with the pillows around him. Hopefully in another month or so we can start sitting in the boppy, even though yesterday i just read about how they are being recalled due to multiple head traumas. seriously. I think they are going to add straps to them which would then make it more like a booster seat i suppose. Is it me or does it seem like almost every day some baby item is being recalled? And my question is how are we suppose to know the difference in all these cribs that are so "unsafe?" They really all look the same to me.

Anyway, I feel like we are now on a time crunch on getting our house fully put together. Even though people keep telling me theres no reason to get in a hurry, I highly disagree, unless we just want to hide out and not ever have anyone come over ...i think its a very major priority to get our house all in one piece as soon as possible. Because lets be honest, no one wants to come visit a half put together house and I really dont like showing my half put together house to people. I want it clean, organized & cute before visitors arrive to see our new dig. And like I said were on a time crunch, because come September the calendar starts getting busy. I am organizing & leading the play group events for our church, The Village,  for the Moms that live over here in our area so that has started taking up a lot of my time here at night.  I also will be starting a weekly bible study and MOPS as well! And on our days at home i'll be starting TOT school with Hudson (more to come on that!) So this next year should be busy busy busy but oh so exciting! I am so ready to see what the Lord has in store for me, I have been in constant prayer about all these new happenings & ready to dive in to it all. BUT would really like to get my house in order first! =)

ok yall this is totally random but i must share just because its my blog and well..i can. So danny's main priority since we've moved in has been setting up the tv & working on his storage shed. We moved in 3 weeks ago and he is still as we speak outside working on his storage shed, something with adding a deadbolt to the door. he is so paranoid that someone is going to break into his  shed (as if we have gold mine hiding in there) I told him i anointed it with oil so it should be fine...

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