Tuesday, August 14, 2012


At one point I had a blog, I had a blogging family, blogging friends, followers & accountability bloggers...and yes at one point I even thought "maybe I could make money through my blog" ya know like Kendi Everyday, or the famous MckMama with 5 kids all named after a McDonalds food... oh to be so creative. Yah, I guess I forgot that sometimes I prefer to sleep instead of blog, or have a baby or move to a new house and not have internet for over 2 weeks. 2 weeks is a long time in internet world. I feel as though I have no idea what is going on in the lives of so many people and missing out on so many new bloggers! Yes, you heard me right... new bloggers! Which is so so very exciting to me! I love reading about other peoples lives, its like you dont have to think "oh to be a fly on the wall in that house."  the blogging world is the newest trend, especially if your a mom, even more so if you are a stay at home mom. Its extremely therapeutic if you use it to vent, explain, explore, brag, complain (completely different than venting), just documenting whatever it may be. I believe blogging can even save marriages, no more ranting to your hubs about how your 19 month old refuses to have his diaper change even though he just leaked out all over his new bedding or how your 11 week old only wants to be held, like a football, tummy down allll day long. No the hubs definitely does not want to hear about how while you were nursing on the left side you forgot to put in a nursing pad on the right side so the bed sheets & your clothes got covered in b-milk which then lead to wasting an hour of the day taking the sheets off, washing them and then having to put them back on (not to forget about the half ounce of milk you waisted). See, blogging is a great place to talk about almost anything, I say almost anything because you also have to think about your audience. For instance, almost all of my family reads my blog including dannys family. So I have to try to really be on my best behavior when blogging & keep anything concerning our "alone time" off the records. SEE your minds have already wandered!

oh the rambles of my blogging, anything to ignore the fact that hampton just woke up from his nap 45 minutes into it. babywise would call this "the 45 minute intruder" catchy right? Technically I'm suppose to give him 15 minutes to see if he will magically put himself back to sleep. This my friends will not happen. Hampton is definitely my more challenging baby & maybe even flirting with the line of, dare i say it, colic. He is very persistent in his crying & needs so much more attention then Hudson ever did. More on his crying later.

So, the goal is to get back to blogging, now that our house is looking less & less like a storage unit with each day that passes and now that we have internet thanks to AT&T's amazing timeliness. Hope you caught the sarcasm that I threw out. But seriously, that whole mess deserves a blog post all on its own.

Hamburgers & headboard night has officially been declared for tonight in the Ruth home. Meaning, we will be eating hamburgers and making a headboard for our bed. I might even post some pictures of it...



  1. Uggghhhh...AT&T is sooo annoying! We just moved into a new house and were 10 days without cable or Internet! I was so lost!

  2. hahahahahahaha literally laughed out loud....maybe more than once. and the venting, totally agree. taylor doesn't want to hear that for the 3rd day in a row L is playing in her room for 45 minutes instead of sleeping. dropping to one nap at 12 months? lord i hope not! and I'm praying for little Ham and his crying, praying it isn't colic!!! reflux? the 45 minute intruder was Ls buddy for a solid 5 months...so maybe he will outgrow it! ;/

  3. Hi Amber! I hopped over from Megan's blog, and I'm pretty sure I remember your husband's name from HSU? I think he and my husband, Rob Galusha, know each other. ANYWAY...I was thinking about reflux as you were describing your baby boy as well. My baby girl is 4 months old, and she was pretty irritable and very 'particular' about things, then I began noticing it was always worse after she ate. It turns out she does in fact have reflux, and she has been a different baby since being on Zantac for it. Medicine for an infant was definitely not the route I wanted to take, but colic calm, etc. were only doing so much for her, and this has been a lifesaver. She's SO MUCH HAPPIER! And usually pretty content with just about any activity.

    Your boys are so sweet! :)