Wednesday, August 15, 2012

to sleep or not to sleep

Today the ham is officially 12 weeks old, on the 23rd he will be 3 months. Like all moms say, I seriously cannot believe how fast it is going. The 3rd month with Hudson was the hardest, I mainly think it was so hard because thats when he started sleeping his 12 hours at night & it was difficult for his little body to adjust to a day time schedule of being awake so much & only taking 3-4 naps instead of 5. The same is probably going to happen with Hampton also, This past Sunday our sweet little cry all day-er slept his first 11 hours straight and like his brother hasn't looked back. Apparently we make good sleeping babies...oh but dont roll your eyes just yet, just because hamster is sleeping so well at night lets not forget about our days. Today I was reminding Danny how crazy month 3 was with Hudson after he started all through the night and he responded with "but hampton's been difficult since the day he was born." This is true my friends, very true. Even in the hospital we both were like "umm isnt he suppose to be like super sleepy? instead of crying so much?" Hampton by far, is my more challenging baby. I think I said that in my last post and if you have had a conversation with me at all in the past 11 weeks you have probably heard me say those words as well. This baby cries. and he cries. and he cries a little more. He doesn't like the swing, he doesnt like the bouncy seat, he doesnt like the floor activity mat, or the boppy or the stroller and seriously do not get me started on the car seat. What does he like you ask? well he likes to be held in a very particular way mind you. And everyday, more than 5 times a day I look him & say "Hampton, mommy loves to hold you & if I could I would hold you all day...but I just cant." This usually makes him scream even louder because its in the process of me walking away after putting him down. Oh the joys of learning about your baby. Do they really know what they like or do we just teach them what to like? woah pretty deep huh? thats like the whole chicken & the egg thing.

So ya know how I said last night was hamburgers & headboard night? well we didn't find any fabric that we liked to cover our homemade yet to be made headboard, super fail,  but the hamburgers were amazing=)

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  1. Could reflux be an issue??
    Anderson STTN at 12 weeks and never looked back but had issues with naps and cried, and cried...we'd have hours or crying for no reason! Turned out to be reflux :(