Saturday, September 1, 2012

a hot mess

Thursday morning I was up with Hampton from 2 to 3 in the morning. First time this has happened since he started sleeping thru the night a couple of weeks ago. I could totally tell it was his tummy, and around 2:40 decided to give him some Colic Calm...kid was out by 3. Love that stuff. He started stirring again around 7:30 due to a really really stinky diaper.  I got about a total of 4 hours of good sleep that night because then Hudson decide to awake at 5:30. That morning we had a play date with our friend Amanda & her sweet little girl, I had told Amanda I would be there at 9:30. Needless to say i didnt even leave the house until 9:35. Fail. Arrived at the play area at 10:03. Just in time to feed Hudson a snack & nurse the hamster.

How in the world was I late?I had been up since 5:30! Lets recap shall we:
5:40- realize hudson isnt going back to sleep & I really dont want him to wake up Hampton...
5:45- bring hudson to bed with us...he wiggles, a lot. and talks, & pokes us in the eyes, ears & nose.
6:00- hudson is somewhat quiet but not asleep. still wiggling & pretending the bed is a jungle gym.
6:10- i really need to nurse (all nursing moms know this feeling).
6:30- Make Hudson breakfast, bless the food, talk about jesus, pray for our family- he then eats.
7:00-Decide to pump. i pump 5 oz in 20 minutes
7:25- fight with hudson about changing his diaper & getting dressed.
7:30- get in shower. with hudson roaming around.
7:32- hudson throws a shirt in the shower.
7:34- hudson throws paci in the shower.
7:35- hudson drags laundry basket into bathroom, flips it over, climbs up to the counter & "brushes his teeth" with all of our tooth brushes.
7:37- i hear hampton waking on the monitor.
7:38- end shower with only washing my hair & face. no shaving, no bathing, no conditioner & definitely no relaxing.
7:45- get hampton up & change a very stinky blow out diaper, get him dressed.
7:50- nurse
8:00- burp, realize i dont have a burp cloth, clean up spit up, will need to change clothes. switch sides, nurse some more.
8:06- burp. sit him down to pack diaper bag for the day. he cries
8:07- shush hampton, offer paci, still crying.
8:08- give him his medicine.
8:10 - back to packing the diaper bag.
8:13- hudson wants a bar (to eat), just because he see's me making his lunch for the day.
8:14- hudson throws temper tantrum. (hampton still crying)
8:15- hudson hits mommy & we go have a teachable moment with the spoon.
8:18- back to finish the diaper bag. 2 snacks, 4 diapers, one cup of water, wet bag, nursing cover, burp cloths, wipes, wallet, phone, 2 pacis, & hudson a packed lunch
8:20- bring the boys to our room while i get dress.
8:25- hudson gets into dannys hair get stuff while i'm blow drying my hair. (hampton's happy listening to hair dryer)
8:26- clean up goop off of hudson.
8:30- back to blow drying my hair
8:35- make up
8:37- hampton crying; realizing i really cant hold him, i swaddle him up and put him back in his crib. he's not happy.
8:43- back to getting dressed.
8:50- realize i need to start the dishwasher
8:52- start dishwasher
8:54- sweep hudson's breakfast up under the table.
8:55- hudson wants to sweep. get hudson's little broom, help him "sweep"
8:56- hudson throws his broom in the trash and throws a temper tantrum because i take it out. spend the next 3 minutes explaining why we dont throw the broom away just the crumbs.
9:00- brush my teeth.
9:01- hudson needs to brush his teeth, i snap at him & tell him no were in a hurry (as if he knows what that means)
9:04- hudson has a poopie diaper.
9:05- change diaper which involved another teachable moment.
9:06- hampton is up & crying.
9:07- remembered that i had pumped before feeding him earlier this morning so he most likely didnt get a full feeding.
9:08- get a puzzle out for hudson, show him how to do it
9:10- nurse hampton. burp hampton. nurse hampton. burp hampton
9:22-start washing machine
9:24-put hudson's socks & shoes on
9:27- find my shoes to put on, put hudson & diaper bag in the car.
9:30- get hampton in car seat &  then realize i never changed shirts from when hampton spit up on me. go & change shirt.
9:32- change shirts, turn off lights, turn up the AC, close the blinds, grab the car seat, lock the door
9:35- pull out of the drive way. with hampton crying & hudson's fingers in his ears.

9:42- realize i never ate breakfast & forgot to put my pumped milk in the deep freeze.

we get to the play area. hudson plays wonderfully, hampton his happy for the most part. Hudson only hits once but then chose to run out of the play area the moment i decide to start nursing hampton. (if thats not jealousy & attention seeking, i dont know what is). I run out of the play area with a baby on my boob to then motion hudson back into the play area.

...amanda & cadence show up a little later and upon arriving she says something along the lines of "you have it all together...i'm such a hot mess" it was then i was totally convicted.

to be continued....


  1. i know this is more a serious post to show how crazy life can be..but i laughed a lot. i like the "teachable moments" and hudson throwing stuff in the shower at man.

    you may not feel you have it all together, but i promise you are a inspiration to so many moms out there. hope your day gets a little less chaotic!! :(

  2. LOVE your blog! I so remember these times. It will get less hectic in some ways. But you'll find new challenges....homework, sports, projects, etc!