Thursday, September 13, 2012


what a cliff hanger huh? my last post was almost 2 weeks ago and the last thing i wrote was "to be continued..."

 I think i really only wrote that because the boys were waking up from nap and I couldnt think of any other way to wrap it up.

kidding. kind of. in my last blog i mentioned that i felt convicted due to my friend Amanda believing "i had it all together." that my friends, is far from the truth. i by no means have anything together, though i try and i try and i try. And i pray daily that the Lord spares my children & my husband from all my mishaps, sinful nature and simply my lack of imperfections.

ive never been a good actress, just really wasn't my calling. so when my sweet friend suggested  i was mom of the year, i didnt know if i should laugh hysterically after embracing her with hugs or  just continue on with my act. i guess i did a little bit of both. when i got to our play date that morning i was beyond stressed, left my house a mess, forgot to lay the chicken out to thaw, listened to both the boys cry the whole way & of course hated what i was wearing.

i suppose as moms thats just what we do...until we have too many kids (or margaritas) that we dont care what others think anymore. because i'm not going to lie...i really do try every single day to be super mom. I want to be super mom. Being a mom is my job... its what i do from sun up till sun down or in my case "son up till son down" ;) i want to be perfect at it, i want to get better at it, and i honestly dont plan on leaving my position anytime soon! =)

so i guess what i'm trying to say is, " i assure you i do not have it all together, i've just apparently gotten better at pretending like i do!"

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