Wednesday, September 26, 2012


as most of you probably know, i put "sleep" for my children at the top of my "Good Parenting" to do list.  i may even go as far as saying that i pray for good sleep for my boys about as much as i pray for their salvation. hudson has always been my crazy, awesome, "are you sure he isn't sick" sleeper! Up until he was 18 months he was sleeping 12-13 hours at night, and then 3-4 hours during the day (divided into 2 naps). I even made a doctors appointment once to ask about how much he was sleeping and if that was normal. Oh the silly things we do as new moms. Always running to the doctor.  Dr. Bain insured me that Hudson was normal but went ahead and tested his blood. Turns out...Hudson was fine and little did I know that my incredible sleeper would soon blossom to an energetic, sing myself to sleep, throw everything out of my crib, refuse to fall asleep on my own - sleeper. Hudson has chosen the craziest time to switch up his sleeping habits and though i'm well aware this is just a season...its still hot in texas & i may just need some earmuffs if the whining because he doesnt want to sleep doesnt stop. he's sleeping habits have really cramped my blogging too. for instance as i type he has already woken up and is yelling for me & banging on the wall...its 2:30, he was put down for nap at 1. The last 3 nights danny & have put him to bed around 6:30/6:45 only for him to not fall asleep till after 8! and then waking up at 6...which then wakes Hampton up at 6. the joys of a small house...everyone hears everyone. The waking up early doesnt nearly bother me as much as the not napping part.

i'm not tired. i'm getting plenty of sleep. i'm just not getting anything done around my house because thats what nap time is for... house work, dinner preparing, important phone calls etc. oh yeah and my blog. a girls gotta blog right?! I mean this blog is almost 4 years old, it was here before these babies were ever on a sonogram picture hanging on my fridge... it deserves some importance right?!

well, hudson has now banged on the wall enough to where i have 2 pictures that are hanging crooked... my poor gallery wall, i just hope none of them fall & break, I really cant afford another walmart frame.

-praying for good sleepers-

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