Monday, March 30, 2009

just another manic monday

This past weekend went by sooo quickly yet I feel like we got to do A LOT! =) My weekend started out with attending "Pink Impact" a women's conference hosted by Gateway Church in Southlake. The speakers were very uplifting and convicting. Though I enjoyed the "talks" the praise & worship was just simply amazing. I highly recommend everyone going to itunes right now and listen to Kari Jobe music. Her song "The More I Seek You" was played at our wedding during the candle lighting. So we're a little bias hehe =)

Other than having a great weekend praising the Lord! We got to see the cutest kids in THE world! I am so mad that I didnt take any pictures of atley, avery, brenley and sweet baby canon =( But just imagine the cuteness and its probably not even close enough to how cute they really are. The girls have all started some what talking and its so fun to hear their little voices!

Friday night was the first time for danny & I to sleep in the same bed at his parents house so it was a little awkward when it got time for all the married couples to go to their rooms. hehe. Nothing really to talk write about here just wanting the almost married or one day married... to know that the first time you share a bed with your spouse at your in-laws can be a little uncomfortable.

Another cool thing that happened this weekend was danny's first baseball game (again). Danny has recently joined a baseball league that is filled with majority of the guys he played with in college. He had two games this past sunday morning, winning one of the two. I am very proud of him for getting involved in something he enjoys! Its exciting to be able to watch danny play baseball again!

Well, we rented the hit teen movie, twlight, so hopefully its good and not too corny.

Sorry for this interruption but I had to share this: Danny is currently walking around the living room holding two baseball bats with his shoes at the end of them going "Here comes danny walking down the street...walking down the street" in this really deep strange voice.

Okay, its movie time!


  1. so glad I got to see you this weekend. and maybe again tomorrow! you are so cute!
    love ya!

  2. Amber,
    I absolutely love reading your blogs and the main reason being is getting to hear all about your very blessed life and marriage! I was telling Abby the other day about how God has really blessed you because you never stopped seeking Him. The reason I know this is because God blesses those who continually seek even in the midst of their sorrows. I have the utmost respect for you, Amber! I am also so glad to have your friendship! I'm going to continue to pray for you because I know that God has even more blessings for you and plans to use your experiences to touch others! I love you!

  3. i loved hanging out with you this weekend. glad we get to do it again tonight...i love our family and i'm glad you're a part of it =)