Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Vaculiks

Last night, we had dinner with our soon to be married friends, Amanda & Bo! Amanda cooked an amazing dinner, bruschetta's (sp?), parmesan breaded chicken, a side salad and a glass of white wine! It was so sweet for her to cook such a wonderful meal after working as late and hard as she does. Besides being such good friends with these two its sort of crazy how much we have in common with them as well! For instance, danny & bo both played baseball together, and I've been really good friends with Bo since my first semester at HSU; Amanda & I worked together, had class together and even lived together while in college. Amanda and Bo started dating 7 days before me and danny started dating back in December 06 and now were going to be married in 2009. They are getting married 12/12/09 and we are so excited for them!! Amanda has sooo many cute & creative ideas for their wedding that I can't wait to see it all together this winter!

After, dinner the four us sat around talking about old times, futures, jobs, and of course marriage. We even planned a road-trip to San Antonio in May. So thats going to be something fun to look forward to! Here are so more pictures of the dinner with the almost Vaculiks!

and yes that is a cake you see up there, baked by yours truly! =) hehe! Have a great rest of the week!

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