Sunday, March 22, 2009

A little disappointed...

A few nights ago our president was on Jay Leno's Late night show and made a comment that stirred up a lot of controversy.
Now, im not a political person and am pretty apathetic when it comes to elections because in reality you really don't ever know what or whom to believe. But I do believe in "foot in mouth" syndrome. Now, some people have obviously tried to let this comment slide and say that people are overreacting and that Obama is just a normal person who makes mistakes too. However, I completely disagree. He's not a regular person. He's the president of the united states of america who is known as a master of public speaking. Making fun of a disability is something a president should never let "slip." It shouldn't even be in his vocabulary. I can't imagine what people would be saying if president bush said something along the lines of " i look like a gay-wod when im bowling." I just dont know what to think, political stuff never really gets to me, but for some reason this did. But I guess its not even political its just someone who is running our country has the nerve to say something so inconsiderate is what is so bothering. A person with a disability is someone who more than likely has lead a life of struggles on a day to day basis and by no means is something that should be joked about especially by our President. I find it immature, disrespectful and completely out of line. I guess "mistakes" like this wouldn't happen if our president was in the white house fixing our economic crises instead of being on a late night show trying to be a comedian.

On a lighter note, danny and i pretty much got nothing accomplish this weekend, except for visiting Fellowship Church today. Which we actually liked but it was a little on the "metro" side as danny would describe. And we didnt know any of the praise & worship songs so that was a little awkward. And they gave a speech on tithing (that was not part of the sermon) moments before taking the offering. You wouldn't think a Mega Church of 13,000 in attendance on a weekly basis would have to continue to ask for money. =/ But other than that, we enjoyed the sermon, the free coffee, and location! Tonight, we will listen to Pastor Matt Chandler's sermon.

Also, this weekend, I got to spend some time with my best friend Amelia! We went to Stonebriar mall and did a little shopping...well more like walking around and talking. It was nice to hang out with her since I hadn't seen her for over a month. I did get some new jeans, so i'm really excited about wearing them to work tomorrow! Here's a picture of Amelia & I a couple of months ago!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! May your Monday be filled with plenty of joy!


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