Thursday, April 30, 2009

A faithful God...

One of the many wedding gifts Danny and I received were the books " The Power of the Praying Husband" and "The Power of the Praying Wife" from what I know its a pretty popular, common book and definitely a nice little quick read. however, I've been reading it off and on for 3 months now so not so quick for me. Speaking of 3 months, today is our 3 month anniversary, now that I think about it. YAH! =) wow 3 months already....I cant believe we were married in the winter and now its practically summer. I would normally say we had some celebration to do but we didn't have to because we celebrated something else yesterday...which is exactly why I am blogging...

Okay like I was saying..."The Power of the Praying Wife"... Its a book designed to help spouses pray for their significant other. I like it because its separated in different "categories" making each chapter a different topic or subject to pray about. Since we've been married I have kept a written journal about danny and our marriage. The journal is somewhat like my blog, but for obvious reasons its more personal and more intimate. In my journal I mostly write out my prayers for danny, sometimes my frustrations but mostly the joys in our marriage and a lot of times I use this book (the praying wife book) I keep talking about to help me pray for danny and to even guide me in the words I want to say. With that said, this week I started praying something like this:
"Lord, I pray that Danny will find it easy to give to you and to others. Give him the wisdom to handle money wisely. Help the both of us make good decisions as to how we choose to spend our money. Lord, Continue to show danny how to plan for our future. May he always be paid well for the work he does, and may he be rewarded and blessed for being faithful to you, me and his work. I pray that Danny, finds joy in the work he does and knows his job is a gift from you. I ask that you protect him in any and every way possible..."

So, basically that is what I have been praying for Danny this week... just a lot about his finances.(side note: Danny doesnt know my personal prayers for him unless I tell him after the fact.) I'm not really sure why I decided to pray about it...I just did. So, after praying this for only 3 days, Danny sent me a text message saying "honey, I got a raise!" Now how cool is that? I was sitting at work (in a very small gray cubicle keep in mind) getting really stressed about my own job and received a wonderful blessing from such a faithful God. And the story doesnt end there... on top of that...we've been wondering why my tax return check hadn't came in the mail, we should of gotten it almost 2 weeks ago. So when we got home from work yesterday I got online to check out the status of my refund. Come to find out, there had been a mistake on my refund and changes had to be made. I clicked on the link to send me to these so called "new changes/mistakes" and saw that we would actually be getting almost $400 dollars more on top of what we thought were already getting back! Oh how the Lord has always been so faithful to me and to show to clearly that my prayers are being heard and are being answered. If this was the only thing I ever learn from the Lord, I think I could be happy with that! What a sweet sweet God we serve and love...if only I could be as faithful to him as he is to me.

I really want to keep writing but.... I have some decorating to do and I'm trying to watch greys anatomy. =)

Tomorrow's Friday! yah!



  1. Amber, that's so awesome! He really is amazing and wants to bless us so much! I'm so happy for you guys! God is so good!

  2. hey amber! i'm so proud your my sister in love (law), congrats on the raise, or should I say Way to go Lord!