Saturday, May 2, 2009


Today, Danny and I drove to Murphy, TX to look at some West Highland Terrier puppies! Lately, we have been doing a lot of researching and some money saving to soon get a dog and today was the day to go puppy shopping. Like ive said in past blogs we go to PetLand on a weekly basis maybe even twice a week but after my "researching" i found quickly to never actually buy a puppy from them. So, we decided to go the breeder route and dallas morning news classifieds, which has worked out so nicely since my wonderful husband got us a weekly sunday subscription (i love coupon cutting)! So every sunday when the paper comes, the first thing we pull out in this order is: classifieds, coupons, sports, comics and obituaries (i have a weird thing for reading the obituaries...dont ask). This past sunday there happened to only be one add for Westies and today was the day we decided to call. Trying to act all nonchalant while danny made the phone call, my ears perked up like Pancakes, my old rabbit, when I heard him say "we'll I guess we will see ya in about 30 minutes" Eekk...I felt like I was going into labor or it was time to go get this little joy of responsibility. haha But i quickly learned the puppies were only a week old and we were really going to just see the mom, dad and the litter. So mini 30 minute road trip we went. We were given a little peace when we pulled into a very nice what seem to be friendly family neighborhood. The family that had the pups lived right on the corner and we had no problem finding their home. They were so kind and welcoming to Danny and i. Ironically, my feelings of "labor-ing" came back to thought when I noticed and learned the wife of the family was pregnant with their first child. We both had a great feeling about this family and the pups so...danny gave me the look and i pulled out the check book! We went with the idea of getting a little girl, however my husband insisted on the boy. The daddy dog was named Dodger and I will admit he was super cute and a little more friendlier than mom. But then again I dont think I would be too friendly or too attractive a week after having 7 kids. =/ The Rios (the breeders) gave us a lot of information and their opinions on males and females. And even though the female is more popular (more expensive) they have found the boy has been more enjoyable and more sociable...and he doesnt have a period (which i think is so strange to begin with). So for now, im trusting my husband and the Rios in choosing a male puppy. In a few weeks we will be able to go and pick out which one we really want since right now they look like mice =/ But we obviously can't bring them home till they are about 8 weeks the addition to our family will not be joining us until mid June. For names, I really liked Lucy for a girl...but now I'm thinking if we get a boy Murphy might be cute since thats where he was born. What do you think??

In case any of you are not sure of what a westie looks like here are some pics of them:

So after putting down our "down payment" we went straight to petco, petsmart, target and the dollar store and by the end of the day this is what we had:

Its been a long day of preparing for little murphy, lucy, brooks...whatever his/her name might be...time for bed!


  1. hey amber, i really like Lucy too. goes well with Lilly :) but if you do end up getting a boy, I like Murphy, it has a cute little ring to it! and a great story.
    can't wait to see your cute little tiny puppy!
    I'll be in Dallas June 8 for two weeks so HOPEFULLY you'll get him/her while I'm there!

  2. Yea!!! I'm excited you're getting a dog. It will be a fun adventure for you and Danny. I agree, Murphy is a cute name. I like it!

  3. Amber!!! Yay!!!! Congratulations on Puppy Ruth! I love the name Murphy!!! I also looove Westies...I heard they are the best terrier to have because they're smart and rarely dig. Bryan and I are hopefully getting a puppy soon too! I hope we have just as much luck as you guys!!

  4. Hi Amber...Bianca here :o) I should not have read this post, now I want a Westie brother or sister for my sweet beagles! Congratulations, I know you and Danny will just love him.