Saturday, April 25, 2009

green thumbs

for the past couple of weeks danny and i have been thinking about growing some veggies on our balcony, well this weekend we thought we would attempt it! After lots of googling, Lowes browsing and a couple of phones calls to mothers we decided we would take the plunge in creating our first Ruth Garden! Due to limited space we were each allowed 2 veggies and then i could pick some flowers for extra color/decor! Danny picked tomatoes and peppers and I picked squash and strawberries. At first I was little hesitant to start "gardening" without any gloves or experience but regardless of how dirty my nails are or if my vegetables never grow it was something really fun for us to do together! Its so funny, how something so random as planting things could make me love my husband even more. I appreciate danny so much carry up all the soil bags and heavy pots up our stairs...for sitting in the flower section at Lowes waiting for me to pick out flowers and for mixing all the dirt! It was such a fun thing for us to do together, I highly recommend everyone making their own garden with someone special! Here is some pictures of our garden creation!

oh and I thought i would share a photo of the view we have from our balcony! yes, we practically live on a golf course!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Looks great Amber! I hope your veggies grow. It will be fun to eat something you grew.

  2. way to go little gardener! i want some tips!