Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Lots to talk about tonight!

- Danny & I joined LA Fitness yesterday and today was our first day to work out there. I've really been wanting to get a gym membership lately and for the past month or so I've been coming up with random reasons of why I so desperately need one...and I'm so thankful that danny finally gave in and signed us up for one! So today when I got off work around 3:30 I was super excited to go work out at our new club! Well, Danny really enjoyed his first day at starting off with some treadmill running, then a little weight lifting, on to the hot sauna for a sit sweat then finally he had a quick swim in the nice spacious crystal clear pool. My experience wasn't so exhilarating if you will. ha. I walked into the gym and immediately felt lost and overwhelmed with all the weight machines, stair steppers, treadmills etc. so I started with something I was familiar with and consider myself to be pretty good at...running. As I was on the treadmill I was reminded of a time when I was sitting in the car with danny's mom at Chase Bank in Southlake and we were talking about how boring it would be to just walk/run on a treadmill...the bank sits across from a work out center and we could see all these women on treadmills just walking...going no where. So i thought to myself...maybe i'll go do some weight training.."tone up my bod" so after 20 minutes of running, I walked down stairs to where the weights are...and there wasn't a single female. only men. upone feeling really awkward and certainly out of place I went to do my favorite ab work out on the exercise mats using the Bosu Ball. I love the Bosu Ball! I love it so much that Danny actually got me the Bosu Ball for my birthday last year and Ive been using it every since. So after the mini ab work out I wasn't sure what else I should I decided to go home and start dinner. Not a great first day...but I signed up for a free trial personal trainer who will hopefully guide me through the gym. =) I'm sure I'll post more gym diaries in the future!

2) Today i met a family (work observation) who has 3 sons ages 2, 4 and 6. After spending time with them I left their home thinking how fun it would be to have 3 boys of my own...and hopefully all like their father. I've always wanted 2 little girls...hannah rae and ella reece...but after watching these 3 boys interact with each other and how kind and sweet they were to their mom...all boys sound pretty good. We pretty much spent the whole time playing outside: tee ball, climbing trees and fences, water guns and even some rolling around in the grass. It was so fun watching them play together getting along so well. When it was time for "quiet time" aka nap time...all the boys went to one room where they had bunk beds and a room decorated in western cowboy decor. They had made their bed into some kind of fort...just so precious.

3) After working out today, I went to get my step sister a birthday card and some storage basket things (another day..another blog). I'm pretty particular when it comes to buying cards for people. I dont like to buy the real corny or the "expected" card that usually comes from like your boss or a distant relative. I like cards that express me and my what i iike to think quick wit with lots of love. I love reading cards, I love them so much that at one point in my young life i use to want to work for hallmark greeting cards. I wanted to be the person that reads the cards and decided if they should go on the sale rack or not. I'm not actually sure if this job even exist but it would be a pretty cool job I think. Anyway, the point of this short story, well theres not really a point just something a lil odd happened when purchasing these cards. when I was checking out, the cashier started to read the cards I had picked out and proceeded to ask me who they were for. Isn't that kinda of strange?

4) Really dont understand why the Rangers do not invest in some good pitchers. =/

okay I was going to write about some other things but its getting late and I still need to prepare the coffee and get some lunches together.

Can anyone guess why i named the title Spaghetti?? 2 cool points for anyone who gets the correct answer!



  1. is that what you were going to go home and fix for dinner when you left the gym?

  2. Because a woman's mind is like spaghetti...all thoughts are interwined like a plate full of spaghetti! Where as, a man's brain is like waffles.