Saturday, May 9, 2009

A day at the zoo...

It was extra nice to know upon waking up this morning we had nothing where we had to be, no one was coming over, no immediate errands to run and no "lets fix up the apartment" talk. A day to do whatever we wanted with no obligations! After contemplating just laying in bed all day and watching the golfers outside our window, I decided to make a list of things/options we could do today while cooking breakfast. One thing that you will find over at the Ruth home (apt) is that every Saturday morning Mrs. Ruth (that would be me) cooks a mean breakfast. I love cooking breakfast, its my favorite meal of the day, its the one meal I hardly ever need a cook book for. I'm pretty sure this love for cooking breakfast stems from my dad with his eggs over easy, bacon, with a side of chocolate gravy and bisquits. He has always made an amazing breakfast for as long as I can remember... which i'm pretty sure comes from my grand maw. Gotta love family traditions. So now since I'm married and have a family of my own, I'm trying to do the same. I cook breakfast every saturday morning and this morning we had cinnamon french toast with powdered sugar and strawberries. I have to say it was pretty good. =) Great start to a great day!

After breakfast was time to figure out what was in store for the day. Living where we do now pretty much leaves the opportunity for endless fun. After naming off the many options we decided to go to the dallas zoo, then to the mall and then maybe (if were up for it) to see the new X men wolverine movie.

Once we got to the zoo,we sat up a picnic filled with 2 value meals from Popeyes (for the first time in my life, i might add) and enjoyed some fried really unhealthy chicken strips before visiting the animals! Danny's favorite zoo animal is the lion (so he says, but he really seemed to take an interest in the anteater). I on the other can not just pick one animal, I just love the elephants, monkeys and hippos. Here's a few pictures of our day at the zoo!

Sadly, we forgot to take a picture of the elephant but she was sooooo cute and we were super close to her! And unfortunately there were no lions...or tigers or bears (sorry i had to throw that it in for some comic relief). However, we did have a great time and the weather was perfect! we did make it to the mall (making zero purchases) but skipped out on the movie. maybe, we will catch the flick sometime this week.

Happy Mothers Day to all friends and family! Blessings to all who act like moms, who are moms and ones who are soon to be moms! Where would any of us be with out a mom? (scientifically, you wouldn't exist at all...another day, another blog)! =)


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  1. Ambo, your day at the zoo seemed like too much fun!!! I love the classroom is jungle themed because I like wild animals! I love reading about you and Danny's adventures! Keep em coming!