Saturday, May 16, 2009

Never have i ever...

This past friday night marked a monumental moment in the life of myself, amber michele use to be henson now ruth. Growing up..even in my college years a game that I often played with friends was called "never have i ever" its a game where you hold up all 10 fingers and each person goes around saying something they had never done before. If you have done whatever that person has never done ..then you have to put a finger down. Once all your fingers are down your out. There are 2 ways to win depending on how you decide to play at the start of the game. Either the one who puts all thier fingers down first, or the last "one standing," meaning the person who has a finger(s) still up (the way most people play). Strategically you want of to think of things that you have never done that most people in the group have done. this is where i usually can win. Until I met danny, there were a lot of things i have never done. I had never been out of the country, I had never been to st.louis to see a cardinal game, I never had lobster, i had never seen O.A.R (my favorite band) in concert, I had never been an aunt, I had never drank green tea, I had never had white chocolate covered strawberries, I had never been on a cruise, i had never been a plane with someone else, i had never eaten a turkey burger, I had never been to a beach or seen the ocean... I'm sure there are a lot more things that Im forgetting but that gives you an idea.

One more thing...Never, have I ever...eaten a salad. this one is usually when i win the game. everyone eats salad, most people like salad and i would go ahead and go out on the limb to even say most people have at least tried a salad. not me however. not ever. i've never had a salad with lettuce of any kind. in fact ive never eaten lettuce. for the longest i never thought this was weird...until i got older. it has soon become some what of a problem. If you think about it, eating is a huge part of our lives. going out to eat is something that is enjoyable and a pretty consistent social setting for the two of us. and when you go out to eat or to someone elses house for dinner, salad is usually involved. its for the most part easy to make, healthy and is considered a "filler" before the actual meal. Now honestly i dont undersatnd the point of having a salad before a meal. its like having a meal before a meal. and who really needs two meals these days? Anyway, so when we go out to eat and everyone at the table gets a salad and i'm the only one who doesnt...the topic of "picky eating"always becomes part of the conversation. And "picky eater" is usually how a 6 year old is described by his mom who wont eat his vegetables or has to have the crust torn off their pb&j. And i do eat my vegetables i might add. I love broccoli, carrots, squash, green beans,... just not lettuce (or onions or cabbage or cauliflower or tomatoes or spinach or asparagus) but i do like some veggies and i eat a lot of the ones i like.

But enough of that. I just want everyone to know that Friday night I attempted to eat a salad. Danny and I went out to outback with Amanda and Bo and I ordered a salad. just a plain ol' house salad with ranch. i was eager, i was optimistic and had great support. however, i was let down very quickly. salad=gross. its really the lettuce. give me a bowl of broccoli, eggs, cheese, carrots, croutons topped with ranch and i'll be satisfied. as far as lettuce goes, I'll have no part in it. cut the lettuce on everything please.

Here's some pics of our night! Check out the optimism before the initial bite...

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