Sunday, May 31, 2009

its not personal, its business

Well friends and family, if you've been keeping up with us, you already know that danny is flying out to Bloomington, IL tomorrow for his job. I was going to write "on business" but Ive always felt that was such a vague way of phrasing things and a little "too cool" sounding. Anyway, Bloomington is where State Farm Headquarters is located and he is going for some training. This whole weekend week I've been a little sad about him leaving. So, in order to distract my loneliness I've already got a plan. My best friend, Amelia will be staying with me and all day today we worked on our guest bedroom so it would be in guest fitting shape! Amelia and I have already started making our "keeping busy" list during the week, bc like they all say "its the nights that will be the hardest." Furthermore, this weekend my friend Callie and I will be headed to Denver, Colorado to see O.A.R in concert at the Red Rocks! Stay tuned for further post!

Well, once again we had a fabulous weekend...I guess the weekend highlight was our last minute decision to go to the Horse Races on Saturday. Though I had made a list of Things To Do for our weekend, we chose to put it off and go do something fun! So, while we were there sitting in the AC eating our 99 cent sonic corn dogs that we snuck in making our $2.40 bets here and there...come race 6 we (out of 10) we were about ready to go and decided to play one last time...And we won!! $241.80 off a two dollar bet! So we cashed out and went home! Well, we did stop and eat at red lobster for 20 bucks (thank goodness for kid menus)! So it was nice to go on an all day date and get paid to do it! =)
Here we are at sonic:

Oh, as for the title of my blog entry Ive heard this saying over and over again it seems...and as you may know, I'm a HUGE quote fan! I love quotes, i keep numerous amounts of journals with written quotes in them. And they aren't just famous quotes, they can be something a friend has said, a bible verse, the check out clerk, a teacher or my favorite a movie quote. But this quote "its not personal, its business" is a quote i really do not like. I dont even get what it really means. Because if your business isn't personal your probably in the wrong business. hmm that sounds a like a quote right there...=)


  1. Hope the time goes by quickly while Danny is away!! Glad you have some good girlfriends to spend time with. Mathis always tries to arrange for one of my friends to stay with me while he's away. :)

  2. Aww...Ambs, you and Amelia will have so much fun together while Danny is gone! Way to win big at the races by the way...can I borrow some of your luck?

  3. If i ever play the lottery i will let you pick the numbers for me!