Friday, May 29, 2009

A smidge of green...

Theres a couple of things I have been meaning to share with you guys! first off...were pregnant. JUST Kidding! but now that i have your attention I'll begin! About a week ago danny and I read an article about this sodastream thing its a device used to make your own soda of course and fresh sparkling water! Well after doing a little research on it and going to look at one, we decided to invest in this new high tech gadget. We mainly got it bc we are somewhat guilty of drinking a lot of diet coke on a week to week basis. I being more guilty than danny. and i know know that i know drinking coke is very bad for you diet or not diet. so i really do wanna stop but...coke is just more fun than water =/ But anyways, this little machine makes your own water, flavored water and all kinda of sodas using splenda instead of aspartame or corn syrup. Heres a couple of pictures of it so you can kinda get an idea of what im talking about:

Its pretty neat and its something fun to do, well something fun for danny to do. He likes to make it and put it all together in different bottles. So now, we never have to buy big bulky cases of diet coke again. And the bottles that come with the "sodastream" are the only ones use to fill up over and over so u never throw those away. In a few months i'll do the calculations and see if were saving money...but according to my very financially smart husband...we definitely are. Heres the link to sodastream if you want to check it out! oh and its also good for the more cans or plastic bottles you have to deal with. Another way the Ruths have gone green! Speaking of, we just finished up our first roll of paper towels, since ive decided to use cloth napkins we never use paper napkins or i havent had to buy them in almost 4 months and we eat at home about 5 nights a week (i think thats a lot)!

Also, we like to, I guess "recycle" old furniture as well! Here are my before and after bar stools! Though I'm not too impressed with my fabric covering job, it was my first time so for now it will work! What do you think?


Welp, I really should be working but I came home for lunch and instead of eating...i typed. so here i go stuck eating lunch in my car while driving back to the ol' cubicle!

See ya soon,

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