Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Livin' the good life..

what a wonderful 3 day weekend! I cannot express how grateful i was to have monday off from work and be able to spend 3 full days with danny. this past weekend was just another added reason why i love being married. Friday night first started off by not having to work out and then to a surprise birthday party! Danny's sister, Angie turned 30 and a surprise party was thrown in her honor! I was really excited to go A) because i love cake B) it was a good reason to wear my new gold shorts and C) who doesnt love surprise parties?! So, off we went battling 5'clock dallas traffic and racing against the birthday girl's arrival! It was a great party with great food and great people! Im glad we were able to make it!

Saturday morning started off with sleeping in late then having breakfast burritos and fruit!
After breakfast, staying true to our LA Fitness memberships, we went to work out. I think I'm actually getting to the point to where I really do "want" to go work out instead of just having that "i really should" go work out feeling. Danny, has kindly, offered to play the role as my personal trainer and I must say he's quiet the instructor. We are on very strict schedules rotating days working out different areas: legs, arms, shoulders, back and abs while implementing a bit of cardio throughout our workout. Having a new workout routine everyday is so much better than just running on a treadmill going no where mentally and physically.

After our workout, we had the rest of the day to ourselves! First we went to my favorite place: Yogurtville! I love yogurtville, its a place in The Colony that that has about 12 different flavors of yogurt and a wide range of toppings. All of which you make on your own, lets not forget its yogurt instead of ice cream! So delicious. my favorite is strawberry ice cream with yes more fresh strawberries & graham crackers on one side of my cup with toffee yugurt, brownie bits and heath bars on the other side. =) Danny likes to get vanilla yogurt and cover it with random fruit and a couple walnuts on top. I think your choice of ice cream flavors says a lot about a person. What do you think?

After eating the worlds best cup of yogurt, we were off to pet land to visit the precious animals! have i mentioned that we are huge animal lovers?! We're considering adopting another rabbit. I say "another" because I use to have a pet rabbit named pancakes and I just adored him. however, he decided to "hop" away one day and has been MIA (missing in action) ever since. Pancakes, was a good rabbit, at least for me. He went to class with me a couple of times, he went to baseball games, he even volunteered to hop the bases at a game one time. However, pancakes wasn't much of a people person. I'm not sure if it were my parenting skills or lack there of, or that he was just born that way. He didnt like people to watch him or try to pet him and he really didnt like people to try to hold him. He did like to chew cords though, especially danny's computer cords. =/ Anyway, i think if we do enough research on how to train rabbits and make them become more pet/people friendly than we should really consider getting one. Mainly so Murphy wont be alone all day. Murph needs a friend during the day. Dont you think?
Heres some pics of the late pancakes:

Can you believe I'm still on Saturday at about 3:00 in the afternoon of our entire 3 day weekend?? Crazy! I guess I'll blog about Sunday and Monday in a couple of days! Anyway, I'll try to wrap up the rest of our Saturday! After, pet land we decided to go to the mall! We figured going to the mall to walk around would be something free and somewhat of a mini workout. At the mall we went into this work out store where we talked to this personal fitness trainer (second time Ive used that phrase in one blog) who gave us a whole speech about keeping track of our heart rate while we are working out in order to see better/faster "results." This got my husband on a mission. He is now looking for us heart rate monitor watches...I want a red one.

Well, since we were in the mall we decided to eat at dave n busters and then played a few games to finish up our night! We pretty much dominated the basketball game until a group of little leaguers took over. Danny's old roommate, Luke, and his girlfriend Kylie were in town and met us there for a couple of hours! It was a great finish to great a great Saturday. On our way home, danny and I got to talking...and it was so nice to hear my husband say "ya know, we have a pretty good life!" a blessed life indeed!

amber & danny

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