Thursday, May 21, 2009

Short & Sweet

I've noticed that lately I've only had time to update our blog once a week and usually only saturday. I figured the reason for this is because I usually spend a great deal in writing but tonight I feel as though I should give some updates on whats going on with the the newly ruths instead of writing out some clever (i'd like to think) little narrative about the latest weekend event. So heres whats going on in a nut shell or "blog entry" (ive never really understood that phrase "in a nut shell").

1) Murphy. Murphy is our little west highland terrier that we will be getting the weekend of June 13th! I'm assuming he looks like this right about now:
2)Jobs. I've been at my new job for 2 months now. It's getting a little more stressful and little harder every day but I am still enjoying it. I've been blessed to be able to work with such amazing women who love the lord and love their jobs. I still miss my old job in abilene from time to time and though I dont think any job could replace those people and atmosphere I am trying to find my niche here in frisco working with precious babies and their families. Danny, going on about 6 months with state farm as a claims adjuster is getting pretty use to his job. He comes home everyday talking about new things he got to do and how he is actually "doing his job" now. However, the first two weeks in June he is off to Illinois for training. Its going to be a rough 2 weeks in apt 2119. Please pray for his safety and that his training goes smoothly and for me pray I dont get too lonely and that I find peace and comfort during my time alone.

3)Garden. Since we planted a mini balcony garden a few weeks ago we have picked two strawberries one that was eatable one that happen to be completely black on the bottom of it. And one green pepper. we havent had much success due to not getting much morning sun but were still hoping for the best. Oh and the flowers aren't doing very well either...except for the purple ones (not really sure what their called).

4)The Gentlemen. Danny is on a baseball team that plays every sunday. Their team name is...yes u guessed it..the gentlemen. The team consist of majority of retired hsu players whom danny played with in college. As much as i do not want to admit this, I havent been to a single game. I feel terrible about it to bc I know other girlfriends/wives are there and its either been too cold and/or too long (double header) for me to really attend. And the other times Ive planned to go, its been raining. but i do plan on going this sunday so maybe i'll post some pics of my handsome baseball player. =)

5)American Idol. yah for kris allen being the next american idol! If you look back a many blog ago I have always had Kris in my top 4! He was my favorite from the beginning and he won! this has never happened to me. Mostly because I have no musical talent whatsoever and secondly I usually dont keep up with tv shows very well. But i was right this time. its so exciting to see the under dog win, kris wasn't expected to win at all and some how snuck his way into the very top! I also would like to say that danny and I were faithful with our voting on a week to week basis.

Well, danny just looked over at me and said "what are you typing over there? a novel?" and so now i have done it again...wrote an epic instead of a mini summary. please forgive me. Its so hard for me to stop too...i feel like theres so much more you need to know. =) oh well. like i always say "another day, another blog."

night everyone & happy friday!

Mrs. amber ruth!

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  1. Ambo, I can't tell you again how thrilled I am for Murphy Ruth! Also, I will be praying for you while Danny is in Illinois. And of course, keep writing your epics! I'm you're biggest blog fan!