Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I can see clearly now, the rain has gone

Today was an interesting day. All day long it was very cloudy, very still and very grayish but very hot. And this morning my contacts were acting so strange and itchy (usually from the weather) so i had to put my glasses on. Now, u should keep in mind my glasses havent been "updated" since about the 8th grade and according to my eye exam I'm "legally blind." Over the years my eyes have been slowly getting worse, makes ya wonder what life at 75 will look like (pun not intended). Anyway, so i put on my glasses this morning and off I went to do a an intake/eval (work term dont be alarmed) at a families home that according to google maps was only 11.5 minutes away. So in traffic time that only meant about 20 minutes max. Well, being the over achiever that I am, I gave myself 45 minutes mainly because I like to listen to "Kidd Kraddick in the Morning,"- morning talk radio. However, since I had my really cool glasses on I was having a hard time seeing the smaller street signs. I had no clue where I was going and my head started hurting due to the constant squinting of the eyes. I had to call the developmental specialist that was also meeting me at this particular home and describe to her where i was, pretty much not using street signs. I'm sure at this point she was thinking "what a blonde!" I will admit, It wasn't my best moment. But i had no idea my glasses were well, This turned out to be a huge problem the entire day. Everywhere i went I got lost. I was never really late anywhere, but it was a very frustrating day in the car. I found another pair of contacts this evening that I will be wearing tomorrow, and i started researching for eye doctors so no worries. Heres of pictures of me in my glasses from about 4 years ago (probably the last time i wore them)

Another interesting, exciting, life threatening event that happen today was the weather. Oh how everyone in texas loves to talk about the weather. I will admit its a great conversational starter "...storms a brewing..." danny always says that to me when the weather starts to look a little sketchy. And its so funny bc he says it in this really country hick voice. But, for the record dannys not here, so i didnt hear that today when there was indeed a storm brewing and not just a storm but a funnel cloud. Also known as "a tornado is coming go pull the mattresses and hide in your bathtub." Right when i got home from getting a pedicure after work, I immediately heard the collin county sirens going off! (side note: i have had a huge fear of tornadoes/bad weather since I was a very small child. Im starting to think my parents left me outside during a thunderstorm when I was baby or something). So the sirens are going off and I turn the tv on and the news guy is telling me to take shelter. EEKKK! What does that even mean?! take shelter where? i live on the second floor of an apartment building. what do i do? call danny. Best person to have in a traumatic situation, he's the calmest most patient person i know. he tells me that If i really feel like a tornado is coming then i need to get in my closet and get the emergency radio, a flashlight and unplug the tvs. I take his instructions and locked myself up in the closet for 20 minutes. I had my computer, that radio he told me to get, the flash light and some anointing oil (i put it all around my closet). It felt very weird sitting in my closet listening to a static radio wondering if my hangers or heels could some how kill me if a tornado really did come. Danny informed me that I would probably only suffer minor wounds.

The storm did pass fortunately and I soon came out of the closet, plugged the tvs in and check on my plants. Everything was fine. I would like to thank my grandmaw, my mom, dannys mom, and amelia all for calling and checking on me during this time knowing I was alone and that I dont do well during emergency weather events. Heres what my space looked like in the closet:
How do you like my pedicure?! =) 2 more days till my husband comes home! woohoo! 3 more days till i'm officially murphys mom!!

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